Lucien I used to always call you Jenny.....never knowing that letters could make a only takes three letters......from I love you to I hate you.... 010110
AzNxTc is it possible to love some one without being loved in returned? actually i cant say she doesnt love me, just not in the way that i want her to!
we spend so much time together, talk to one another on our cell phones racking up the bill, we text each other when insecure about hearing each others voice. we instant message and email to make sure that we occupy some space in each other lives.
most importantly, we live life fast together! endless nights of racing on the streets of washington. a congenial dance of metal, rubber and plastic. our love of the same music.
then there's our night of ecstasy. what was my time of vast happiness was a nightmare and regretful memories to your soul.
and finally your past loves which, to some extent, i must say is poor choice on your part. you deserve so much better than the vile wretches that try to please you, in deciet. you look to the same places for hurt. exit off I-5 into pain. she will know what i mean by that, yet she may never read this.
and that is a blessing, and a curse at the same time. i cant find the way to tell you all these things. i can only let random thoughts of MY emotions out.
sweetheart of the song tra bong Jenny Jenny.

I just wrote you up under "jennifer". Too bad.

It's what you really are, anyway.
silentbob 8675309 010511
flo my god, you have got it bad.
believe me happiness is more important than a silly little thing called love, which is really just your big monkey brain telling you to go make babies.
small hunter gatherer groups only had a few eligable women, so we evolved to fixate, it was needed. it isn't now. i have made the mistake you are making.
Subterranean Visions this chick i used to date like in seventh grade has been calling me lately. and just like a half an hour ago, i was talking to her and she said that when she comes down to my little town we could "hang out" very suggestively. fuckin' a, i hope she is hot... 011216
ilovepatsajak everytime i put on the radio there is nothin' goin' down at all. not at all. 011218
CasinoBoy there's this girl i've known for about three years - her name is Jen, and only Jenny to her closest friends.
I can call her jenny on days where she isn't so mad at me i hear it in her voice.
jenny is pierced and tattooed, and laughs when people say she does it to be different. jenny is different because of who she is, not what she does to her body. jenny wouldn't be jenny if she was anything but different.
jenny doesn't eat because she thinks she'll die fat, if only she could see that she WAS pretty before she stopped eating.
jenny doesn't sleep because she's afraid what could happen to her if she lets her guard down, if only she knew that i would never let anyone hurt her like that again.
jenny sees things that aren't there. in the poetic sense it makes her words so deep, in real time its scary to see her regard non-entities and cry while staring straight ahead.
jenny hears voices in her head, her conscience, her fears and her desires that she holds down and manifest as a symphony which don't let her sleep.
jenny is afraid to get help because it would make her weak. i wish she would see that fighting to get better makes her strong, and fear is weakening.
jenny has had something horrible happen to her, and won't talk about it to anyone, even those she tells about the voices and terrors.
tell jenny. you only get better when you share.

jenny is my best friend, she is blind.
jenny can't see who loves her, and doesn't love herself.
jenny is pierced jenny is tattooed and pierced jenny... do you recognize yourself?

whether or not you are PIERCEDJENNY, i love you.
i want you to get help.
just don't hate me~
good people hmm.. this was my last blathe under that name. then i got too stoned to remember how to spell my own screen name 020410
me It's funny. I just heard "8675309" on the radio, and it reminded me of her. 020925
a_grilled_fish I always get SPAM from Jenny... 040520
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