thedunator we all posses them. I have tons of them!!! I just wish that some (well one) could be full filled once again. But that's why they're desires I suppose. 010923
Dafremen What are the depths of this compassion? To what extent am I willing to go in order to ease your suffering, your self-inflicted miseries? To what do I owe this profound and inexplicable empathy for you, a stranger?

As I walk down the street, I find my answers in each and every one of your faces. I find the answers in the pain I feel behind your smiles, a pain to which you yourselves have become numb and indifferent. Behind the well hidden sadness in your eyes I find my answer and, imagining your misery, I am moved by the senselessness of it all.

Would that I could be the eyes of your heart for but a day, that you could see the path to your happiness. You could have it all right here, right now, but you do not see how. Like a tourist in a foreign land, you see only a facade of what your life could really be, of the happiness that lies waiting for you. You occasionally dip your foot into the waters of paradise, but no more than that. Imagining happiness a puddle, when in fact it is a pool, you choose not to dive in. Like the cartoon coyote you stand on air for a second or two and then, believing you must, you begin to fall into the canyon of human misery. Did you not fly once, if only for a moment or two? Is it not then possible? Must you fall? Like the coyote, only if you believe you must, will you fall into the trap set by your own desire.

Your insistence on harboring desire to the point of misery is the cause of your misery. The insistence of those around you in pursuing THEIR desires, to the point that it makes others miserable, is also a cause of your suffering.

How it weighs heavy on my heart to see you suffer so. If desire is the wind in your sails and logic your rudder, would you follow that desire into the path of the storm? Into the mouth of the whale? Onto reefs strewn with the shipwrecked lives of those who have sailed that same wind before you? Is that not what your rudder is for? Why then choose to allow your desire to steer you? Logic should navigate, desire should motivate. How it pains me to see you chase the wind when you could set your course for a lifetime of joy.

Pursue your desires for so long as they lead to your happiness. When the pain comes for wanting, when the anger comes for wanting, when the sadness and the emptiness come for wanting, let go of that want, that you may continue to be happy here.

Pursue those desires for so long as they do not set you on a collision course with the happiness of those around you. When the pain shows in their eyes, or the sadness plays across their faces, let go of that want. Do it that you may not create turbulence in the waters around you. The same turbulence that creates THEIR misery, also threatens your OWN voyage into contentment. Do we not all sail in these same waters?

You have the power to create heaven or hell, paradise or perdition here on Earth. You cannot choose your needs, but you CAN choose to be happy or not. You cannot choose what you NEED, but you CAN choose what you WANT. Therein lies your power to choose contentment or misery.

What are the depths of this compassion that I feel for you? Deep enough that I would leave this truth here for you, to perhaps ease your suffering. Deep enough that I would risk being ridiculed, scorned and ostracized by you in order to share this secret with you. Deep enough that I would not go peacefully into my grave leaving these words unspoken, but would weather the storm of your collective derision in the hope that just one of you might hear and be spared needless suffering.

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