silentbob a brand new addition to one of my_blather_friends
this person is funny and brilliant and just over all ... really got a lot to say.......damn
tourist Flatery? Shit man now I'm gonna get all self-conscious and shit! I don't really have anything to say. I'm just generally being a smart ass.(not unlike yourself) It's a nasty job but it's so much fun to do it. Write on Bob!
Power to the peep-hole! be seeing you.

thanx for the welcome
Rhin I read everything you blathe about! Of course! Your pretty cool, tourist! (Flattery will get me everywhere, or so I have been told!) *smile* I'm also extending an open invitation to you, to join the B.P.A., if ever the desire strikes you to do so, not that I'm trying to slap a label of perversion on you. I'm just the unofficial 'Pervert Witness', and always scouting out new blood. You live in 'The Sunshine State' right? (Nowwwwwww were getting down to it!) Why don't you try sharing some of that warmth, that your keeping to yourself? We're freezing our nuppies off, up here!!! 001220
tourist Rhin... I may not be a card carrying member of the BPA, but I do peek in from the shadows as you know.
And the Flag Girl comment was about trying to guess if you were part of the logo design, Like second in from the right or something like that.
And as far as Florida warmth goes, Northern Florida is cold as Hell right now and probably will be for a few more days anyway.Damp cold that cuts through everything.
But if you turn the Brightness Up on your Monitor see if this helps.........


Feel any better?
La La Well it sure made me feel good!

As far as being a tourist...
accidentally always of course. I use the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

I love being places where you are not sure whether to go left or right! It is like a pick your own path story(kids books)and as it unfolds you are discovering all about the world and
yourself. I will forever be interested in this amazing planet and all that is in it. I have yet to walk many streets.

The internet has taken me to some pretty far out places and also encompasess the sense of adventure that I do so enjoy from travel!
daxle marla (the fucking tourist) 010107
silentbob mmmmm
or is it fight_club
cr7 tourist 030317
u24 hello.

sorry, you've been around for ages and I don't think we've ever really spoken. I see you around. I think it's just your name. it implies that you were here passing through but aren't here any more. thus I don't reach out and say "hey". but I just realised with a jolt that you exist.

so, hey. :)
tourist Hey Back Atcha'
I Come and Go According To Access
The Tourist Thing Is A Refference To How I Feel About Myself
A Time Tourist
And So I Am Just Passing Through,
But So Are We All
I've Physicaly Been Across The United States From Coast To Coast From Bottom To Top And Across Southern Canada From Vancouver Island To Quebec, But That Was When I Was Much Younger And Not In Debt. I Never Made It Across The Pond But Would Like To Someday, Along With Central And South America New Zealand Australia India Central Asia...You Can See Where This Is Going. Thank Goodness For Telecomunications So We Can Vist These Places Vicariously Anyway. I Reside In Florida Now Within A Few Miles Of The Place Of My Birth.
Florida Has Been Thought Of As A Vacation Spot, So Tourist Fits That Also.
I'm Really Not Very Tech Savy, But I Am Impressed By Those Who Are.
Like Yourself.
in a silent way a little over a decade ago, i worked in a building with a maintenance man who never seemed like he really belonged there. he should have been a professor, or a writer, or...something else.

we would have long discussions about anything and everything. he would tell me about things like the counterculture movement of the 1960s, which i was far too young to have experienced myself. he always had something interesting to say, and i always felt like i had somehow grown more intelligent after talking to him. i think his name was virgil.

though i knew it wasn't possible, i allowed some small part of myself to believe that this was you, and that two 'skites were bouncing off of one another in the flesh, in elevators and corridors, and while standing outside of an eight-story building, without knowing it. something about the way he spoke and your words here felt like a good fit, and thinking about the idea of interacting in both realms while unaware of the overspill made me smile.

i thought you should know.
flowerock big dumb pigeon people
consuming all the trash that we don't want
shitting all over the place
roosting in inappropriate places
taking up our usual spaces
rude and selfish
unthoughtful careless
stinky and loud and large
self entiteld
I'm not an information booth
I'm not your maid
or your nanny
I won't wipe your ass
and I will piss on your fucking cigarett if you won't respect my right not to breathe it,
I only ask that you follow the same rules as the locals, the law not just my prederence.
at least pigeons fly away when I ask them to
and even the pigeons are annoyed by you
unhinged (you do know that sf has some pretty ridiculous smoking laws compared to the midwest right? people smoke cause they are stressed...yelling at someone about where they can and cannot smoke is not going to alleviate their need to smoke. you live in a city that has a tourist season now. get used to it. they come back every year like the flu. someone you know gets rich from it and lets a small bit of it trickle down to you. tourism economy *shrugs*

smokers get tired of being attacked. human beings, especially americans, live and act in ignorance. but hardly anyone i know reacts well to anger and hostility. polluting the environment with both is just as bad smoking cigarettes. would you be half as angry if someone was smoking weed on the street? if you were allergic to perfume and someone decided to stand right next to you that just poured a gallon bucket of it over their head? if you were allergic to dogs and someone decided to bring their little dog in to your workplace just cause they could? do you care what kind of cleaners your boss uses in the bathroom where you work?

i mean really. people smoke. they will smoke in around and near you if you live in a city as big as sf. if you dont like smokers or tourists go live in a smaller city that no one wants to pay to visit

is a smoker and will do her best to be polite about it so would appreciate if nonsmokers got off their damn highhorses already)
flowerock people can smoke, that's fine. It's when they refuse to move ten feet to the curb or a least out of the ten foot space I have to work in. The company I work for has signs up and tells me to ask people not to smoke there or eat their food at our counter, if I want some of that money thy let me "earn" I have to follow the rules too.
I generally don' actually yell at people but I do nicely ask them to move a few feet away and that is normally not a problem. there was the time I posted about here that I did yell back at angry people, and that is wrong, adding more stress is not the answer, i agree. I am bothered by other things too, but growing up with a family of smokers I was taught by them that it is rude and wrong to smoke near children and food places or in small enclosed areas.
I do also tell weed smokers to move because some customers are upset by it too.
Just because I work with tourists doesn t mean I have to like them all. I do my best to
make their visit here a good one and treat them with respect. I just want a little respect too when I ask nicely if they could smoke at the corner of the building or curb or anywhere not in the semi enclosed corridor that I work in and am not allowed to leave.

sorry if My ranting bothered you. I don't hate all smokers. I just need to vent about my experiences too and this seems like a safe place to do so. I do also welcome the input and challenge you bring as well. perspective is important.
I stopped wearing patchouli even thiugh I love it because it bothers some people to the point of choking, so I understnd it is annoying to be told you are offending someone with somwthing that is normal to you.
And it does seem to be mostly the americans from the midwest who have any issue with it, i just can't believe how unwilling they are to be nice back, why is it so offensive for me to ask them nicely to smoke five or ten feet away? i can t move or I d just walk away instead. what difference is there between next to me or next to the tree? both have shade and sidewalk. I think the smoking laws here are fine, smoke away from any buisiness so that everyone can enjoy it, 15 feet away from the door is not a long walk and smoking inly takes a few minutes. some people have lung issues or babies with them.
flowerock I also think there should be restaurants and bars and venues where smoking inside and oit is allowed so that smokers can enjoy those places without being exiled to the curb. it houl be fair, and i a dense city there should be both. when I bitch about smoke it s mostly just to bitch (and i use the term "bitch" because it is something I tend be kind of a bitch about, And I do realize that) I am not bitchy in person to people because most people are just fine and not a bother. honestly the guy with the shopping cart is more bothersome and the police wont do anything about him, but they will ticket the smokers or cyclists for smokin and biking on the wrong piece of pavement.

it s nit perfect. and neither am I. I am over emotional, often.

and I d like to say that I don't wanto make blather place that annoys you unhinged as you have been here a long time and it seems a place you find comfort and release in. if something as simple as me not bitching about smoking would help, then I can keep it to my own life and ither places.
i do enjoy your words and respect you.
flowerock what I mean is I don t wanto annoy you on blather, Not that me being here would make blather itself annoying... 140826
unhinged not my point. i will never tell someone what they can and cant blathe.

i try to keep anything that might even be construed as that off of here. i have had some gnarly fights on here that i am ashamed off. but, i have a problem sometimes with getting the last word. one thing that still pushes me to it is hypocrisy.

you irritate others. you pollute others space. that isnt a judgement, its just reality. i deal with tourists from all over the world in an absurdly expensive west coast city too. i have customers from texas snap on me cause i dont have plastic bags and i have to charge five cents for paper bags with a handle. i consider the source and let it go. its just part of my job.

and if i am standing in one place smoking a cigarette for five minutes and you see me there and walk your child or dog the size of a football within five feet of me isnt that your fault?

my argument has always been, here especially, if you dont like what im doing then dont watch me do it
what's it to you?
who go