Tess if one side argues for the Black Lodge and the other for the White Lodge, and both have a lot of fun, who wins the argument, black or white? 000114
Q neither, because the choice was not black or white. haha. 000114
Yes I am. -ationisthew o r d f o r s t r e t c h-ing out. Ahh. That feels better. Better Blather. Better Blather like Butter for Bathwater when the Weather is Bitter (Shiver). She used to like it that way. But then it rained. To be less than a man. A woman father (fah-ther). A Boston-Bitter goes farther than Lager. But that's round One. 010322
yummychuckle (SPELL IT RIGHT) I'd like to have a nice loud argument right now.
Its always more 'me' to stay quiet and agree with whatever the other person says (they are entitled to their opinion and I let them get their point across). If I argue then its just a bigger fight and it won't be over as soon as if i had just listened silently.
like yesterday with my dad. I was crying afterwords (wow it comes so much easier now)and then I was sooo happy once I realized that if a small fight like that was the worst of my problems in Maryland, then this was heaven.

oh yeah and then I remembered that there isn't a chance in hell that I'd be living out here and got kinda upset again.
but right now I'd feel so much better if i could just scream at someone and have them scream back.
I'm sick of nobody listening to me. I listen to everyone else but they never give me a chance.
Riva altercation, beef, bickering, blowup, bone, brannigan, brawl, brush, clash, controversy, crusher, debate, disagreement, dispute, donnybrook, dustup, exchange, face-off, falling-out, feud, flap, fuss, gin, go, hassle, hoedown, knockdown, out, quarrel, rhubarb, romp, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, run-in, scene, scrap, set-to, shindy, spat, squabble, static, stew, tiff, words, wrangle 040309
asylumsatellite In the words of Christmas Eve (possibly paraphrased, since I'm writing from memory), 'The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them'. It is a crucial and freeing point in a relationship (of any kind) when you realise that an argument isn't the end of the world. We shout, we cry, we hug, we smile. We drive each other crazy. We're lovers, and family. 110616
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