silentbob is like an asshole.
everyone has one, and everyone else thinks everyone else's is shitty.
someoneweallknow When I want your opinion
I'll give it to you.
barnaclebill Aww!! who axed ya!!
Ya sawed off runt!!
Har!! Har!! Har!!
. : * p s y b o r g * : . When my dad gives his and I don't agree, I say "nobody asked you." 011101
Harlequin An opinion is a thing that one person holds to be true, or patially true. In effect, everything is either based on an opinion, and thus an opinion, or an opinion itself. seeing as this is true (which it's really an opinion), nothing is true, and so Paradox. End. 020408
green eyes If you dont have one...
get an opinion damnit! or steal someone elses!!!
User24 it is better to walk through life with no opinion, than to walk through life with the wrong opinion. 030706
ferret i've heard that opinions taste good, i've never eaten one before tho. 030706
f i have a pussy
does your mother not have one?
what's it to you?
who go