Q I'm
right now
cold tea doctor frasier crane 000108
Drew the true nature of a thing is found in the sound it makes.

a high pitched wail is untrustworthy, too childish and immature.

beware low sounds as well; they embody fear of rejection.

achieve a happy medium.
Marjorie Borderline
Eyes up
Head down
Arms Raised
Jump in
She said to float.
But you weren't listening that day.
Raina I heard you, but
Not right now.
I'm preoccupied.
startfires hey you with your ear against the wall
waiting for someone to call out
can you feel me
Barrett Hey you, can you help me to carry the light?
Don't give in...
without a fight!
nomatterhowitriedicouldnotbreakfreeandthewormsatei er, umm, hmm...

"hey you,
don't help them to bury the light,
don't give in...
without a fight."
and the worms ate into my brain 001127
Barrett Vera...
What has become of you?
chanaka always always
they talk and talk
me the human sponge (c)
i can listen to you so i won't listen to myself
keep talking!
angeldust i am listening to the shlip drip drap of my tears on the tin-bottom pot of my soul 010221
Shugarhi I'll eat your words. 010517
optic discretion why is it that we always have to talk about YOUR problems ... the least you can do is to have the decency to listen to me sometimes ... friendship goes both ways, it isn't something that's going to be based entirely on YOU.

friendship is a two sided relationship, where you receive and give. all you have to do is listen to me once in awhile. you can't blow me off every time i have a problem and come running when something breaks in your idealistic world.

i'm not asking too much, am i?
silentbob i listened to nicole's beautiful mixtape again the other night 020521
swarm sorry i heard you but i wasn't listening. 020619
dr. stupid hearing is a physical process. while listening is mental. 020629
nomatter But you can't fake it hard enough to please everyone or anyone at all 031123
celestias shadow when people think you're dying, they really listen.

instead of just waiting for their turn to speak?
spoken listening to leona lewis singing
she is beautiful and her voice is amazing to hear very calming and pleasant
() (i listen) 090420
jio jio 100215
no reason it seems rare to find people who really care enough to listen. i think that's why i got so attached; he was honestly curious about me and everything around him. i guess that is truly the opposite of being self_involved.

we're probably all guilty of talking more than we listen at points, but i don't understand how someone can really love another if they don't take time to get to know them. i guess people take time to get to know the people they want to get to know. but how do you give someone a chance if you don't listen to them? i don't even know.
a clever disguise I always thought he was too dumb to understand me.

That he "loved" my age and beauty.

I know that's not really love, but he seemed to love me and not know me at the same time.

And since I loved him, I accepted that whatever the reason, he stayed. And now it is easier to say he didn't know me than it would be to say he knew me and didn't love me.
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