silent bob Still Waiting for the Punchline
by Boy Sets Fire

I want to find the water
that will wash this whole damned slate clean
break down
break up
we sleep in what we create
right now i'm living so much hate
right here my sins have all been paid
to you
your friends
and for your sake
i feel dirty and so depraved
my knees have bled to hold you here
but now i've lost the taste
for lies force fed as time well spent
and if another angel says just grin and bear it
i might be forced to smashin his fucking head against the wall
and never sin again
against myself or trust in anyone
write me off for suffering
it's a joke
i give up
Zoe everyone gets rejected by at least one person, i just have gotten rejected by a bunch. oh well. my mother, father, friends, boyfriends all have rejected me. i don't cry, but i do feel every single rejection. 000717
silentbob zoe

why did they reject you?
birdmad the one thing i truly fear

the crazy wanderer kill me now i hurt too much to go on now , always rejected in my circle , i cant feel my legs . help me kill me i love to die when you hurt me , ive killed me slowly , help me faster . i dont wanna live through this . 010521
girl_jane I know how it feels, but why do I do it to others. How can I make it easier...for both of us. Why do I feel like such a bitch for feeling the way I do? 020210
blown cherrys tear stained face Breathing becomes so difficult every time you brush me off.
Gasping for breath through the choking tears.
ItGirl damn but it hurts... i never thought it would. I didn't mean to love you... I dont want to, please let me stop... and you push me away and love you anyway... what kinda fucked up shit is that... why am i crying? 030708
Clarey He said he loved me. He stopped me from killing myself. He said he'd be there for me forever.

Then he found another girl, same name, we kind of look the same as well... (well, we're both titless)

I can;t get him out of my head, to me he's a monster, but I fell so attached to him. We both used to get depressed.

Now I feel like I want to kill him because he's happy. Why him? Why not me? I placed alot with him... I gave him alot.

Now I am moving on, no happier, I must add, & I feel like I want to meet him one last time. I feel like I want to see him for who he really is, I want to know nothing will happen. I want to touch him, just once. But I may fall for him all over again... what to do? I haven't got much time to decide xx
who else? refusal a more blatant rejection than a run-out. 030922
ClairE "Well, it's the weekend. That means another overweight girl has contacted me on Makeoutclub.

"I'm not poking fun at all, of girls, or weight, or weighty girls. I used to be near spherical, myself. I'm just saying "what the fuck," and "why me?" I don't understand!

"And she lives far away. Why would anyone who lives far away want to talk to me? Unless they were an elfboy or a friend of a friend or something."
werewolf the cruelest of her necessary rejections(which was so cruel that it was even strangely and unfairly crueler than some of her unecessary rejections) had been so simple, so subtle. the loud or straight ahead looking people most of us are would've missed it. they had been friends for a while. they had spent nights sharing movies in a language of nods and sighs and shared laughter. they had laid on a bed next to one another like constellations ever parallel and pointing at one another across the sky. and it was too many nights to forget. as long as he was he and she she, they'd remember those nights. she knew that one night was different. he was leaning too close, he was talking to her lips. at the end of the night, on her bed, he made a simple motion towards her hand. his eyes straight ahead at the ceiling like a condemned man he reached for her hand with his, and he touched it for a moment, it sat warm like a calm or unaccustomed animal, the way a winning lottery ball will sometimes pause at your breath, before turning back to its expected disappointment. and she pulled her hand away. that was enough. that was the cruelest rejection possible for him. and it didn't matter if she had been a stranger. he never made such attempts, and now probably never would again. it was sad that it had to be her who did it. at least if it was a stranger, it would be his secret pain alone, now it was hers, it was more than imagined, it was shared like they shared those movies. to have hurt most men like he hurt that night, a girl he had pandered for the love of, offered to leave a healthy relationship for, would have to slap him and insult his sexual prowress in front of his current girlfriend, or perhaps his children. she tried to see it at a historical level, at a scientific level. there must be animals in the animal kingdom somewhere who only have one chance at mating. some odd animal that comes out of a shell or a burrow once in its life, in the peak of winter or the foot of spring and sometimes, the circumstances too varied and incompressible to be called anything by us but chance dictate that there is nothing there - it comes out to just winter, or spring like an empty house, too many rooms for its daily scraping by to ever fill. but she couldn't see things this way, she'd forever be someone else's lack of faith in the world. 040412
ethereal you're a walking rejection. 040412
x i'm here. and i'm confused. and i disagree. and my eyes hurt. 040413
ass muncher i have a theory, if i get cheated on 3 times i'm going to go gay and i'm already on 2. 040626
ass muncher i have a theory, if i get cheated on 3 times i'm going to go gay and i'm already on 2. 040626
perry mason maybe maybe not but there's always someone else if you need them bad enough
gay or straight
there can always be someone

if you choose

rejection is just a "no"
it doesn't have to hurt
you're just barking up the wrong tree
or being led down the wrong trail
death i left him,
he was 5 years older,
he begged me to take him back,
i said no.
he annoyed me,
i got angry,
he thinks hes magic,
he thinks hes got 3 lives,
he thinks he can dominate me,
he cant,
i wont be controled,
he wont tie me down,
i will never be with him again,
ill kill myself if he tries to get me to love him again,
hes 18,
im 13,
i wont be tied down.
sam i wont love him again, he wants all my money and uses fake names 040723
Lila Pause Some days,
I can still taste the rejection in my mouth.
(I really need to floss more often)
- It was nagging at my senses today.
I started to think all about
this "special_person that had come into your life again".
I started to picture...
all kinds of hypothetical scenarios.
- I was having such fun.
I pictured myself seeing you with her
on the street.
I pictured myself leaving the house that day,
carefully placing a loaded gun
into my black leather handbag.
I pictured myself...
seeing you on the street,
raising that gun and shooting that bullet
like an olympic champion,
bullseye, straight through the heart;
no mercy.
- I compliment your girlfriend on the shade of green she is wearing that day, and take my leave.
all you can do
is lie there on the pavement...
the taste of blood in your mouth;
sweet blood, sweet!
just sweet enough
to temper
the bitter aftertaste
you left on my lips.

(Murder fantasies: they're all the rage in America today)
pete the fear there of that keeps me from that bar, though it is irrational. tomorrow i will go for sure, i have to see her again, it will eat at me if i dont. 040826
thunderbuck ram Fuck off - all of you worthless blathering idiots. 040826
thunderbuck ram You don't know me. You probably don't even care what I say. But I wonder how many felt just a little bit rejected? It's one of the worst feelings there is. 040826
Lila Pause I would post "that's really funny"...but I'm afraid of what you might say. 040826
thunderbuck ram I might say what a nice thing to say, and thank you for not rejecting me. 040826
mj even when it is expected, that does not keep it from being any less disappointing. 041124
emmi rejection will eventually kill hope.

i have a friend who is a serial loser. she must get off on rejection, because she always chases guys who are bound to reject her. i mean, it's obvious that they will and they send off signals, but she just doesn't get the message. or maybe she does, but hopes for a miracle. deep down though i think she's just waiting for rejection. maybe she's hoping she'll get used to it?
Staind_And_Souless Tears and blood.
And you
Smiling, smiling.
It's not the end of the world.
It just feels like it.
BitterSweetDream You rejected me when you kissed her. 050207
Mister (not very Bright)side tired of talking about it.
even more tired of enduring it on such a repeated basis, though.

and tired beyond-fucking-words of hearing how it has always somehow been my fault anyway
Im just a girl good stuff, go there 050208
blown cherry I must admit it's nice to be doling out a little of this nowadays. I'm trying not to be cruel about it, but I'm finding I have a particular panache for honest bluntness ;) 050209
elimeny yeah so, i never get rejected anymore.
im always the one doing the rejection.

and i think i do it subconsciously on purpose. i pick guys who i know will fall for me, guys where i will be the one in power, guys that eventually I can reject.

and i know that i do it, and i know that the reason i do it is because its safe for me. i dont have to worry, i know they are in love with me. and yes, i know it sounds cocky, and i know it seems horrible. but its a natural thing... i dont shoot higher, i dont try to get someone more on my level i guess, because i dont want to risk that rejection.

but now its time for me to be a little more daring. its been three years since the breakup that changed my life forever, the one that killed the old me and brought our a newer, stronger woman.

so now im going to pursue men that may seem slightly out of my league, knowing that my self perception is much lower than what other people see. im gonna go for it and try.

you are a real asshole. i dont know if i like you or not. But, you are an 8 and I am a 7 on a good day. so therefore, you are a risk - the risk of rejection.

And I am so looking forward to the challenge. Bring it on, fucker.
hammamadamakaramith hammamadamakaramith 070601
lost i can handle rejection by my own brother, its is the violence and the threatening behavour that turns me into a stone on the outside. No one can get to the centre of me though, no one can touch the centre of my soul unless i find the right person to give it to. It goes much much deeper, i'm not alive to just feed myself, to pay a mortgage, to have continuous battles with people, theres a much deeper meaning behind being alive and its not about possessing a house a child or a person.... theres not words to try and explain what it is but i understand it within myself, unfortunately if i can't share that with anyone then i'm just another bugger trying to be happy. 071122
Ouroboros ouch. at least i only cried for half an hour. 100312
unhinged double ouch

i've been crying for months
Ouroboros well, that's 3 for 3. time to go bury my head under the sand, or just pretend that school is only about reading/assignments/grades and not actual experience. Argh. 100403
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