typhoid i bled
for my curiosity
(voices filter down from above..
... aw, shit! ...
as i stand smiling in the darnkness, hand resting on the hot water valve...)
birdmad all over the letter you sent me,
drop by drop
for days as i picked out the fragments of the words as they cut into my heart and my wrists

and again and again ,
the wound reopening
every time i try to move

little reminders

sting like torn stitches
Tapoli I bled
In bed
From by head.
And now I'm dead
randomly recent birdmad.

god i bled off the valve, but the solution was still too weak to be effective. 041012
me everyday i wake up and tell myself: I've bled through this before, but that sure as hell doesn't make it any easier. i left this relationship because i knew it would make me happy and i'm the one doing the worst. you have life served on a golden plate compared to me, and you're the one i dumped. ironic isnt it? if only you knew...

if only you knew...
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