dallas let's get to it! Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. 980901
caty no, there is everything to it.
Action, reaction, breathe in, breathe out, wax on, wax off.
Moravian Piglet I think I prefer the first version. Kinetic energy is just too much for me! 000124
amy keep moving and you'll be fine.
-the wanderer
Raina don't just stand there, show and prove. 000926
keeth !its your turn just pick the f@#kn thing up and put it some where! 010117
jane you step in the stream,
but the water has moved on.
sonic sometimes i wish that i could just move away to a far away place where no one knows me and start all over where i dont have any reputations or anything and be myself for who i am now and not for who i used to be. make a clean start and have new friends. But then i think maybe i'll just be shy around them too and it'd be hard for me to make friends. but who knows. maybe i could try it once. but i would never want to change. i'm not that big on change. i think that right now is one of my "down" times. Where lots of things aren't good. theres those times where lots of things are good but this isn't one of those times. i hope this year goes better. 030101
scuzz Shake, shake, shake senora! Shake your body line!
Work, work, work senora! Work it all the time!
joda Like your socks are on fire. 030520
fifteen flow. Washed, searched, changed, felt, cried, touched. 030602
erwtdf again. and again. 040322
Stuck Horn GET OUTTA THE F@#$%N WAY. 040323
stork daddy during the war (such a stupid phrase, implying that it ever ends or that we too weren't just normal people in abnormal places but were instantly transformed into soldiers, pr fictions as soon as the country went into "war mode")in the battles he saw, it was always the men who no longer bothered fearing death who seemed to survive. they didn't waste their time thinking about it, they just moved. so when a bullet came they didn't freeze. they didn't avoid bullets so much because of wanting live or any deep heart desire, but because it was the first, quickest thing to occur to them, their go to script. they were, after all, like everyone is until the last moment, primarily alive. 040414
refracted please move

get out of my way
you're holding me back
i can feel the world
just beyond your shadow;
its waiting
please let me go
i want to fly
i want to know

stop trying to keep me in
lock me up
and hold me down
you're only making it worse

please move
and give me back my freedom

i dont want to hurt you
past relatively painless. the new apartment is great 090216
o_caritas my life shifts
like the tectonic plates
onto which I move
my things
my son
my love.
I come to you
with firm convictions
a full heart
and a knowledge
that I shall be stepping
onto shaky ground.
deb Bags were filled,
strewn about,
then removed
one lovely afternoon.
So now, inside this room
there is an empty space
where he used to be.
It does not glare at me
in the way I thought
it might ~
Instead, it smiles at me
and whispers to my soul
of freedom; of possibility.
So, instead of mourning
the fresh emptiness,
I shift what remains,
make the space my very own,
and cannot help but love
the way things sit
for this space belongs to me,
not the 'us' that was.
And I sleep so much more
empty place in bed
barely noticed.
I smile knowing
it is only a short time
until I no longer
even think of it
what's it to you?
who go