silentbob Medicine Head
you take a drug to make you happy
you take a drug to keep you up
you take a drug to make you thin
you take a drug so you can see clearly
you take a drug to make you yourself
you take a drug so you can sleep
you take a drug so you don't dream
you take a drug to kill the pain
you take a drug to give you more life
life? what life?
what life do you have if you spend each and every waking day
in some kind of medicine heady haze?
everything has been cancelled out
so what have you got left?
i like to life with a clear head
seeing each day for what it is
i've got enough ghosts up there
i dont NEEd drugs.
unhinged the clean little boys
leaving no trace of their
dirty intentions
who needs drugs?
addicted to life he said
that's the easy way out
if i ever find out...
i'll never speak to you again
how much do you know?
most of us were born clean
we all get dirty
there is always mud on the path
oh well
Norm Why can't I get clean? Why can't I get clean? Arrr, now I'm bleeding all over my beautifuly cleaned skin. Scrub that filth away, so dirty. Oh, they'll be so made at me with my blood stained t-shirt... damn, must get it clean. Oh, god, oh, god, here they come. I gotta get outta here. Neeeah!! 011118
Toxic_Kisses I can't stand for things to be comPletEly clean, everything in its place, I must have something out of place like say putting a high hill shoe on the back of that stuffed horse I still have that stands on my dresser and leans agenst the wall, or splaying a colored sock diagonally across the other wise clean rug or the bracelets that don't fit around my wrist on one of the poles of my bed, non of that really BeLoNgS wear it is but it some how makes it more comphy for me when things aren’t wear they belong.
Maybe its just me but when things are clean and every thing has its own designated place to be in I can't but help but feel when I walk into a room like that az though *I* have no place to belong, that I some how just don't fit bc their is no specified lil nook or shelf for ME to be and sitting on the coffee table isn’t allowed.
phil whole lives wasted
for your thoughts
starry eyes i wish i could be clean again
so many mistakes
mistakes that changed ME
not oopsies
not spilt milk
the jaw-breaking-knock-down-scream-until-your-voice-is-gone-fall-onto-the-floor-and-drown-in-your-own-bloody-tears
kind of mistakes
those are the kind i made
i make them almost every day
when will things get better
am i so broken and deformed that not even god will love me?
i want to take back time
make it all start over
be clean
make me less offensive
make my dirty words come out clean
make it all go away
make God forgive all of my faults
because you know, i really do want to be in heaven someday
if only i felt worthy....
beorn for the most part i am claen. I rarely drink and never to get drunk. I have never smoked pot, ever. I will admit i do smoke cigars on occasion with my brother. all the kids in the dorm think i am some sorta pothead. its all my moms fault, she told them i was, why? 030510
Keegan clean is free from your sin, free from your blood, free from your smell, and free from your bad intentions. They are in their natural state, beautiful even when it is ugly 031126
Toxic_Kisses once you start nothing ever feels clean enough and you find all the lil imperfections you haddent noticed b4 cleaning, they just tended to blend in w/ all the mess and dust, but once you start cleaning they seem so blatently in your face, even when your all the way across the room and just look in that genral direction all it takes is -knowing- it's their and the more you clean the more lil imperfections you find untill it's all you see and you rember why you dident mind the place being messy befor hand, it hid all the things you prefer not to see, and even besides that nothing ever ever ever seems clean enough, no matter how many times you clean it and you cant help wonder if you missed something, if maybe after all your cleaning some one will come by and then point out the one thing you dident notice to clean!!

I supose that why I don't do this too offten *L*
uhane ku oko a being clean is overrated

not talking about sanitation clean, sanitation is very important.

*always wash your hands*

yes, let's be sanitary.

but if you've ever wanted to run through a mud puddle, go for it!

highly recommend putting your hands in soil: it's the best way to make something grow

go ahead, get dirty

being clean is overrated

let me know what happens!
ethereal Clean like a duck...ahem. 040512
pete i wash my self clean,
letting the waters flow--
both above and below--
over my skin and around my mind.

i wash my self clean,
applying the soap--
both above and below--
across my physical plains.

i wash my self clean,
feeling those pure tears fall--
both above and below--
as they are swept away.

i wash my self clean,
sharing no thoughts aloud--
both above and below--
in this waking dream.

i wash my self clean,
hoping for an answer from within--
both above and below--
when the silence parts.

i wash my self clean,
confessing to everything--
both above and below--
as my silent demands diminish.

i wash my self clean,
rubbing hard with the wash cloth--
both above and below--
as my blistered skin bleeds.

i wash my self clean,
composing vicious poetry aloud--
both above and below--
absorbing my internal dissent.

i wash my self clean,
take a stance on the peak--
both above and below--
knowing that it will never be enough.
notme kosher 040514
dead am i? 040603
Hajera fasting state. 041204
phil He stood without a yield sign practicing the vulgar language used for fencing.

He was eating a turnip and changing it into a rainbow.

All around the windows shown a bright sky while the underground temple of dirt and rotten iron soaking with some bit of filth and orange juice.

The walls were soaked, the furniture covered in paintings fit for reneisance kings.

Witches hung upside down from the notched beams of mohagany. Singing enchantments into the air of battle, rattling the knights of Rome.
Bread birds plucked from the air by polar bear archers.

The cat threw it up.
hsg milkthistle detox 060322
hsg use vinegar instead of chemical cleaners. save_the_earth. 061014
G Tony ...sometimes

out of the bathtub/all scrubbed and washed/smelling of soap/thinking dirty, dirty thoughts

clean and/or sober?

a spotless record, a successful break


kosher hot dogs on clean, white buns; anal sex w/ jewish girls;
In_Bloom I remember when I wasn't and I didn't really have much of a desire to be, just didn't want to hurt. I can't judge too harshly because I've been in those shoes but I'd love to see you inspired by love to heal. I know it doesn't work that way though. "Would you do the same for me as I would for you..." I've seen it not work so many times even though it worked for me. 090825
DarklingDuck In a calm quiet Saturday
Lazy day
I can either clean, or
lay around the house,
watch old movies as
dust settles on my coffee table,
forms bunnies in the corners and
mixes with hair from sleeping dogs
who warm my feet
and fur my quilt
while the sun streams through
cold windowpanes.
I’ll clean tomorrow.
Risen The most amazing Taylor Swift song for me right now. It's odd, because throughout my_last_love_affair I listened to different albums of hers, and our relationship evolved along with the themes. I remember a morning travelling back on the train, listening to Red, with the taste of my love still on my lips, and the music fitted so well with the heady rush. Now it is 1989 which makes me smile. For the most part. One song, though, one song makes me think back.

Yesterday I had medical stuff, and I reached out to check if she wanted to know. Like she said she always would. But of course, 'always' is a word said by lovers, not an actual time frame.

I am clean.

"Rain came pouring down when I was drowning
That's when I could finally breathe
And by morning gone was any trace of you,
I think I am finally clean"
what's it to you?
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