psyki mattress-shaped elephant
raw nuclear intimidation
electric ecstasy
non-lethal head wound
mockery of modern hydraulics
toasted blueberry pancakes
robotic thoughts
like rain. we used to take baths in so many bubbles. my grandmother had a counter of toys at her mountain house, and i would sit there for hours, until my fingers and toes wrinkled themselves away and my mother dragged me out of the cold water. still, playing with that scuba diver action figure was probably the best time i've had, ever. yeah, maybe i'll get my own counter of toys one day. 010515
carden i love taking baths. but it's not a good place to take a cat nap early in the morning. 010515
Sensory Disappear beneath the warm waters for a few hours...the world halts as I enjoy the clean nakedness...time goes slowly with each escape every Monday evening is bliss 021011
onlyme i spend my days lazing away soaking in the bath. 030513
A ♠ jean jacques å marat 030513
wolverine what is this 041205
emmi this guy i know insisted that it's a tubbath not a bathtub. not as a joke. 041206
monika remember when you were really young?
and you used to take baths with your siblings
but at a certain age that doesn't happen anymore
and your innocence starts to dissappear
is it because of this?
or does this happen because of that?
Who knows, really
I know someone out there thinks they know
All I know is that I want my innocence back
I want to be carefree again
rhia one can be carefree after the age of innocence and even have platonic baths with friends.
hot water makes smoky hair smell worse
but I wish they were shorter and deeper...
what's it to you?
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