jennifer first word I remember learning how to spell
on the bus on the way to BCA
e l e p h a n t
silentbob i used to read Little Critter books and I'd scream downstairs, "MOM! WHAT IS THIS WORD! G-E-N-E-R-A-L?" "THAT WORD IS GENERAL! STOP YELLING AND SOUND IT OUT!" "MOM! WHAT IS THIS WORD? C-L-O-T-H-E-S??" "IT'S CLOTHES!!" "YOU MEAN THERE'S A TH IN IT???" "YEAH! GO TO BED!" "I thought it was just...close..i have no clean close..hmmm...this could pose as a very difficult situation in my everyday speech.."
I toilet trained late.
kim you wouldn't dare
step on an elephant's foot
without looking first
at the bottom of his boot
to see what size shoe
it will be
that lands on your head excitedly
twiggie i like pink elephants. 001212
Sol why does an elephant never forget?
does it remember?
or live
Sol An elephant stole my bed last night, there i was happily dozing away with nery a care in the world and suddenly i was lifted bodily off the crisp slightly off white wrinkled sheets and dumped unceremoniously on the floor then with a mad trumpeting the victorious elephant lumbered off at high speeds with my loverly resting place

I just wonder how it got up the stairs
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY pretend there not there
and maybe they will go away
cuz they use direct rational analysis
which only camouflages situaitions
where manipulative behavior
is used. theyre pretty smart
dont let them fool you
doctor benway the two surest ways to tell if you have just passed an elephant:

A) you see a big grey thing in your rear-view mirror

B) you cannot close the lid
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY elephants are cool 020608
onlyme he was very angry and tried to kill me. i got chased up a tree and had to live there for a few years. he wouldnt stop hurting me. 030513
crimson He wrote "Ryan 3 Emily" on a tree.

He began, later, to write it on a traffic sign. After he drawn the heart, I informed him he had better not write my name.

"Ryan 3 Elephants"
crimson *that 3 was supposed to be a heart 030807
User24 I may start using 3 instead of <3 031011
falling_alone mandijabster wants to switch my brain with an elephant's so i would never forget...

but i'd feel bad for the elephant having my brain for then the statement "an elephant never forgets" would be very false.
story of eau he got drunk and lost all of his rats.
the wedding is off.
Piso Mojado such a flat movie 040529
dosquatch I'm pushing one up the stairs. 040530
what's it to you?
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