frippy For all the time we spend with this vital appliance, for all the hours and the intimacy of our contact with the toilet, we have no sentimentality for it. A toilet is a reminder of the vital parts of ourselves we'd rather pretend didn't exist. 000511
frippy And to further my point: when I clicked on "from," I was met with this dismaying message:

toilet is alone
typhoid i think you needed to wait a little while longer with that 'from' click.. at the moment, toilet is:
it may have been lonely when you clicked through, though...
Thyartshallshant Ok, thats it, cause this whole "from" thing has confused me from the beginning. What the hell does it tell me? Why is it here? It scares me. ARE YOU HAPPY!!! MOTHER FUCKER....IL KILL YOU!!! IS THIS WHAT YOU FUCKIN WANTED!!!! GOD DAMMIT! GET BACK HERE YOU PEICE OF SHIT! IL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!............ Sorry, i get a little defencive when im scared.
But seriously, can somebody explain this to me?
silentbob from = all the words you'll find that particular blathe in

if you click FROM on this page it will show all the words toilet has been typed under.
if no one has written toilet anywhere else then it says toilet is alone.
Thyartshallshant Wow, i AM impressed. Who thought that up? Cause id sure like to send um a box of candies or sumptin cause thats damn amazing. 001230
User24 silentbob; was from not always here?
if not, can anyone give a blather_timeline of features added over the years?

(like when did three_words appear - I'm sure it wasn't here when I arrived)
bork damn toilets! no really...damn them. theyve made slaves of us all. they just sit there consuming other peoples faeces while contributing nothing of its own to society. (family guy) 040818
falling_alone why has no one been flushing the toilet in my house?

i refuse to.

i will not flush THEIR toilet, luckily there's another onw i use. Hah.
dandy a 404 error and I pause, glaze broken,
become aware of along overdue pressing need, dash to the toilet only to enroute, startle the cats to wide-eyed guilt over being jilted and bilked out of the traditional hours alone -- the person never leaves the chair at this hour. one dives for the closet. they thought their tryst of rough kisses would be safe from the hunter eyes of they-who-bring-food. it will be again.
shower singer i'm scared to go to the toilet, in case my flatmate needs to throw up again. 050205
niecespieces the ocean is the toliet of the plastic world.

fuck us.
unhinged he threw up at work yesterday.

and the part of me that wants to take care of him diminishes. he has other people for that now.
. look a little piece of poop. it spells your name. now shut the fuck up and flush the toilet 100227
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