deb you have to read this like the characters are stoned or you wont get it

allen: woah man, mom and dad are home. hide the stuff
becca: where?
allen: um, i know, lets flush it down the toilet
becca: hurry, they're at the door
allen: whew, just in time
becca: wait, man, the toilet's stopping up
allen: omigod, do you see-
becca: that's gross
allen: what do we do now?


becca: i dont know.. wait! the plunger!
allen: you can do it. i dont wanna
becca: you pussy
god eat or hide, don't flush. 011212
mj i can hear it now 040405
misstree when read with non-stoned letters, sounds remarkably like the sound of large volumes of air suddenly becoming temporarily flamey. 040406
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