paragraphstar Simply the name can eek a smile from my cynical lips. and, oh how i've been told that my tired eyes light up when thinking of you. I don't doubt it at all, to be quite frank, the joy you bring is not limited to a smile or a twinkle in my eye. The joy you have created can only be described by the absence i feel without you here. 001117
paragraph the joy... and fear that name carries on it's wings... 001117
jennifer paragraphstar...
did your friend break my window?
deb no, my dear, i did not break you window 001123
SCOTT do i create the moment? i think not
it creates itself, and i go w/it

i am at the whim of fate and destiny, and they both blow winds sweet and bitter-i love em both

the moment is now
it always has been
deb hey, jen, i get the question now
and yes, his friend
DID, in fact,
bread the window-

ah, brian the date-rapist...
such interesting stories...
deb bread, break,
bread, break...
break the bread...

i can spell, really i can
jennifer the landlady works with me now
it's a small strange world
deb small world, yes

but too large, still, i'm afraid

baby get here soon-
i can't sleep without you here
paragraph It's me...
and I'm scared again.
deb hey baby,
sometimes i write more than once
under the same word,
so make sure you
check and see you read it all
under that word-
it only shows up once
under your name, no matter how many times you write

love you- :)
king kai becca...we never did go get chinese food. it's been almost three years. funny how i'm the one who remembers all this. i'm sure you've long forgotten someone like me. i hope...well...i hope life has been good to you. 020901
just listening she's going
i'm following
she has the dreams too
deb Chinese food, always a good thing.

Back in the days of Target and Dragon Cafe,
the days of spiky purpled hair
and blue lips with argyle socks...

I sometimes miss the freedom,
but certainly don't miss the fears.
Fear of everything,
the world kept at arm's reach,
terrified that someone might get close enough
to see the truth beneath.
Wanting so badly for someone to see
but not be scared away.

How I kept people away while wanting them close, then...

Too scared of my own shadow
of my own demons
to know what I could do about
any of it.
what's it to you?
who go