nameless twinkle twinkle little bat
how i wonder where you're at
up above the world you fly
like a tea tray in the sky
camille the mist that passes between the eye within and the furthest star without 000103
MollyGoLightly "sloopy i don't care what your daddy do-o-o, cause you know, sloopy girl, i'm in love with you-oo-oo...

ha-ang on sloopy, sloopy hang on.."
eric shine the light from my eyes 000704
grendel what her eyes always seem to do...

i hope one day i can be part of the reason why.
Tank the name of a hindu Woman who loved the kitch of catholicism... 000705
blown cherry Twinkle Twinkle little wonder
How I wonder whose heart you'll plunder
Stand so still and shine so bright
Bathed in loves last dying light

(i didnt mean for that to be aimed at little_wonder in particular, it's just that the words fit)
mya ellen and she twinkles...
and she twinkles...
girl_jane So I explained how I didn't see the stars as really twinkling. I look at them a lot, but I've only seen them twinkle once or twice.

You pointed out a star to me; you said that one was twinkling.

I just saw it shining, and I felt like I was missing out on something special...
blown cherry There are no stars here in this place that time passes over.
The garish flourescents,
the fog of humididty,
the constant haze of pollution that a forgotten country needs to produce in order to survive,
to slow the death of its inhabitants,
lets no light pass.
The stars fly high above us some place unknown,
Perhaps these people will see them in some other,
better time.
And until then,
they smile happily at the stars of their own creation.
the Walrus twiggle twiggle
lilly starch
howie wonder
whaty arch
up above
a high Ohio
like a dime
on a piano
Sunsine Daydream whoah dud what is this? i stumbled into a dream world? abcs are so a rip off of the twinkle song!!!!
smoke weed everyday!
what's it to you?
who go