unhinged OHIO
took a bus straight to baltimore
on the way he took a nap
dropped off a note that said,
'i'm giving this note back'
p.s. there's a lot goin' on underneath there's
roots, the pipes and there's drainage leaks.
you're on
you're wrong
truly sorry, i see clearly
calmly crashing i pace faster than anyone
hinges rusting, they swing louder than anything
truly lonely this place is flatter than it seems
i'm upset and i leave the doors open wide.
our hearts are used up, cracked and dry
pulled the scabs off of regrets
we haven't learned to eat our conscience yet.
truly sorry, i see clearly
hardy hoping i spend it all on game machines
calmly crashing i pace and i figure out again.
one hand clapping
awake but napping
rows of lights to illuminate lines.
why don't they turn them off and let us see night

drove crazed groomin' my lies
you can't look in on one way eyes


i miss ohio. a lot.
unhinged and northeast ohio is not what the rest of the country expects ohio to be. and what's so wrong with calm peaceful underdeveloped counties with cows and corn anyways?

i miss my parents' house. it's quiet there.

i miss youngstown. y_town
that's a little sadistic maybe, but my heart drowned there and i still don't think i have all the pieces back. there was that weird space between childhood and adulthood; that was youngstown.

ohio turned out to be a pretty decent place to live. i already have plans to go home.
oldephebe you know growing up, we uaed to visit second cousins in Ohio, I always loved being there. The clean wholesome mid-west mores, or at least the frosted patina thereof. Ohio is a great state.

everyone looked so scrubbed and wholesome..the Alliance Ohio - and the sorrounding boroughs..I always felt quite at home there
unhinged alliance...i think that is kind of near where i grew up 030920
oldephebe oh and ah unhinged another piece of brilliant writing..those rustic, desolate themes are resonating quite palpably..i hear a little e e cummings -not so much the structure or form..but the delving into sedimentary strata..the musings upon an essential alienation from ones essential nature or at least the corporeal totems that fed and shaped ones Beingness..the vein of ambiguity and mystery..or resigned ambivalence..maybe I'm just forensically fomenting again..but i really liked this one

all of these existential eddies..out of our experiences..these compelling portraitures come..and I never tire of tapping into this sprawling, continental tapestry..
megan i live in ohio
small town, chillicothe
cows and corn state
never want to leave
birdmad ...Players

"Love Rollercoaster"

(I've been in something of a seventies funk-soul mood the last few days)
unhinged if you liked the lyrics pheb you should listen to the song. i love modest_mouse ; offbeat and freaky. and i love watching him have seizures to modest_mouse. maybe that sounds mean, but you just have to see it. one word --- drama. 030923
unhinged yeah, i didn't write that. modest_mouse did. *blushes*

hence the signpost of ( modest_mouse ) at the bottom *blushesagain*
unhinged i actually heard the keyboard player from the ohio players jam with a bunch of kids from my school at a kegger back in youngstown. the trumpet house could throw some kick ass parties. and i mean damn...the ohio players. only in youngstown. only in good old y_town 030924
oldephebe wow the ohio players..the stepfathers of funk!

i tried to find some music on line (ref the mild mouse lyrics..) and ah i couldn't find any..could you give me some websites?

unhinged well you might want to try modest_mouse instead

i'm not sure right now but i'll get back to you on that
crimson Say something silly
On a sunny 3 PM
Nowhere near Ohio
She says something silly
And I wave goodbye to her
She's Ohio today
-- Squirtgun
unhinged pheb--
i found some modest_mouse sites for you. reviews, sound clips, tabs, lyrics...some good stuff.


(this is the good one; it has an entire bootleg in mp3s)



oldephebe unhinged - okay..man you're so thoughtful..those midwestern mores have not been scoured out yet..okay so then i'm gonna check those sites out..

how's the graduate work in music coming?
do you have any desire to compose or conduct..or is it teaching and symphonic career that you are pursuing?
MollyCule "Even before the screen door slammed
She had gone to Xenia"
lokkust DEVO 031009
unhinged graduate studies in music....why am i doing this again? blah...ok so maybe i'm being a little dramatic, but i'm terribly homesick now and i'm so sick of all the prima donnas i could smack them all. my first orchestra concert is tonight and i feel that it is underprepared...one more week would have done us all some good; there's a party afterwards that i really want to go to and i probably will end up going but i have to teach the little kiddies tomorrow at 8am, and have quartet rehearsal at 3:30 and tomorrow is my birthday *scowl*

i am going back to ohio in a few weeks and i can't wait. can't wait to see my munchkin arielle, can't wait to hang out with my brother, just can't wait to get back to ohio o-hi-o. my heart is stuck in ohio.
unhinged thank god

i'm coming home baby

not much to come home to in y_town

but there's always arielle

jane four dead in ohio
nobody counted their ballots
realistic optimist ohio was nearly florida.
i had lots of friends who battled for kerry in ohio.
i supported those troops.
i threw up this morning, though.
megan columbus
is just bigger than any ohio i ever knew

but not as big
as the fields that captured and enamored my heart as a child

and as a woman
ragu Ohio used to be my home, which I ultamatley had to abandon in order for my life to move on. Truly I'm scared to admit leaving using it as an excuse to carry on. Too many secrets, lies,and addictions tore me away from those I loved. Home is where the heart is, yet I did not feel I belonged. The past is a reflection of a lost soul on the run. 060321
my name it means nothing never heard modest mouse's ohio before. Now alone for the first time at school in Ohio and I'm playing it over and over. Thank you whoever posted that many years ago.

Love those internal rhymes--

Rows of lights to illuminate lines,
(and then)
Drove crazed groomin' my lies,

rows, drove, (ill)umin(ate), groomin.
unhinged you're welcome.

i don't live in ohio anymore. she's dying. faster than most. rust_belt

and i really don't miss it much these days. i'm used to being on my own, far away. but it's in my blood, part of who i am.
my name it means nothing just retraced my rediscovery of modest_mouse. it started with this post.

oh_yeah, that's when I heard Ohio. oh_yeah, then I bought This is A Long Drive.

oh_yeah......then my_life changed.

gotta visit blather and this page every now and then and be glad.
unhinged still one of my favorite songs and albums by modest_mouse

we don't have a house there anymore. the place where my family unit shattered and rebuilt itself is someone else's now. me and my parents drove past it on christmas eve on our way to my uncle's that still lives near by and the yard didn't look anywhere near as nice as my mom made it for the holidays.

we drove past slowly
and sighed
unhinged (everyone around here says 'oh...ohio; i've only driven through it on my way to somewhere else') 110213
Pirate Clown Moscow South 110617
unhinged as a sf skite said 'oh yeah, one of those places east of here' 110618
too_far over 14 years ago i clicked on "ohio" and found myself... here. i still associate modest_mouse with blather, but totally forgot, after all these years, that this page is what got me listening to early modest_mouse as a sad 18-year-old in ohio, mesmerized by soft snowy streets at night, alone.

saw them live for the first time last week. (damn! nothing beats their first two albums though.)

and blather popped back into my brain.

thanks again, unhinged. thanks again, living relic of old time internet, blather.
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