er Toally taken back...I am mesmorized with guys shoulders 010118
Pacofish I spy with my left eye
a fleck of silvery light
blinking rhythmically
and with my right
a rod of glowing blue
and green symmetrically
spinning lithe and casually
unconcerned with my intense
obsession with this vision
Syrope fading in and out of fantasy, i'm innocently taking notes when my eyes suddenly snap back into focus and i wonder if i sighed out-loud at the thought of your hands sliding up between my thighs.

i wonder if my eyes look distant or more intensely focused when i get lost in a curve of your body and stare until the lines fade into a blur.

i don't know who can feel the air charge with sex when the your fingers stir the electricity just under my skin.

i don't know if i look about to laugh or about to cry when how real you are comes to me and warmth surges across my collarbone and velvet feelings well up behind my heart.

i love getting lost in your kiss. i love when i get caught up in you and end up somewhere i didn't mean to go. i can't get enough of the way you touch me, the way you fill me. something simmers in my eyes when i think of how you taste, and i'm always afraid that someone accidentally meeting that smoldering gaze will walk away with something intimate about me. something i need. but i don't mind being vulnerable for you. i'm not sure i have any choice.
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