There is something more interesting between your thighs than between your eyes. What a pity.
birdmad for all of her talk of how my advances made her nervous, it does nothing to explain the anticipatory look of what appeared to be pleasure in her eyes one night in a movie theatre when in a bold moment i placed my right hand on the inner curve of her left thigh and began to trace small circles there with my fingertips 000401
pralines&cream Naked and hot,
dripping with sweat,
your mouth wanders hungrily
across my body,
searching for that taste,
that taste that you're addicted to,
to satisfy your hunger.
And as I your tongue explores me,
filling me with a pleasure only you can give,
i'm overtaken by the most beautiful surprise,
the feeling of your lips,
little butterfly kisses,
brushing lightly
across my inner thigh.
nomatter mine are big but he says its for the best. 030831
garter belt on eyedream 030901
shivers mine are big and i like them that way 030901
celestias shadow mine are evil. ugh *shivers* 030911
imposter O my. . .


Worship, bow down before them -- literally


O my. . .
endless desire thigh is an ugly word 030913
misstree so close to a sigh, these
marble pillars, these
long tracts of muscle tensing under
smooth expanses,
holding above all that is sacred,
and below all that bears ceaseless weight.
anon "I just want your creamy thighs"- Prince 040620
emmi one day my new neighbours will see that i've been stealing their wireless internet, and that i've been looking up exercises for firming the inner_thighs 050905
superleni how many angst hours are ridden by young lassies over those mounds of voluptuous flesh?

love 'em. they get you around.

and in a famine they'd be better than a camel's hump. supermodels starve away into piles of dusty grey chicken bones while the tubby survive to take their next meal.

not that i've ever liked the taste of supermodel. too tough ... all the cosmetics. skin like crocodile leather. and don't get me started on their livers.
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