me The answer may be found in their bones. He and Ruff, who teaches at Johns Hopkins, used X-rays and computer models of the fossils to study the stresses the bones were subjected to during life. They found that Neanderthal bones consistently seem to reflect more vigorous activity. The most likely explanation, says Trinkaus, given that both populations used essentially the same tools in the same environment, is that Neanderthals used their tools less efficiently. The extra effort put additional loads on the bones. 000504
khelbenvasq "Where are my father's bones mother?"
---Two Edge, elf Quest.
rubydee the unending quest
to be skin and bones
unhinged "well by industry standards we would both be overweight"

"well you know what i say to that...the industry can kiss my overweight ass."
ClairE You want ME to jump them?

kelli crane roll them 020113
sabbie "They say I bathe in blood, the fools; they do not ask about the bones."

(attrubuted to erzbet bathory)
Hawkeye When taking a test in med school, never ask a squirrel the number of bones in the hand. (This bit of wisdom courtesy of Hawkeye Pierce.) 021023
ferret bones, boners, bonnets, bongos, bonbons, bon___. 030530
xyz ...sink like stones 031021
dicey brown She knows that the answer to any question can be found in the bones of a hand, she knows not to ask the squirrels in the park about the bones in her own hand. She knows that words can remain the same, and then change, and then sometimes break. 031119
falling_alone are being soaked in vinegar as we speak, ridding them of the calcium that provides them with strength...

they'll be easily bended and manipulated.

like rubber... :D
quotree "it ain't no sin
to take of your skin
and dance around in your boooooones..."
quotree of = off. ahem. 031207
sick and twisted i love every bone in your body.
especially mine!
Bones He's dead, Jim. 040504
aida Long white bones with the skin all gone
Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?
*~K someone showed me a picture of this church in the czech republic. they made chandeliers out of skeletons. it's an interesting memorial. 040802
its not me such fragile white
in this moonlight
go rest at last
beneath the earth

Lovely white
'neath fragile moonlight
The sin did breed
From all your greed
And you now you hide
Her bones inside
Inside the cold hard ground
And it's for Hell you're bound
Take the shovel and the pit
And bury deep these bones moonlit
Hide your sin from earthly eyes
With your selfish half-witted lies
So take all your burning hate
And seal now your ill-fit fate

witchesrequiem We smoke the bones of baby dolls
:Dax Riggs, Acid Bath.:

Syrope i hate being so aware of a few bones...i don't usually think of my body as a sum of the parts it's made of. i want to file them down so they fit together better. someone hand me a saw. 040912
Me like bones, the heart breaks all too easily. 040912
trox do not let your heart break for it is all in your head you are beautiful and everyone loves you 050408
katie yea thats what you get below the flesh
but not racist
LS Good show. 060515
jane bleached - ah there's too much to say now. i'll come back later when i'm a skeleton. 080415
ungreat Your bones are strong and sturdy. your bones aren't my bones. Yours jut out in all the right places revealing veins running just under your skin, just over your bones. Blue ribbons that lead to your heart, that lead to my heart because i stole yours long ago, and gave you mine to replace it. One day it won't matter because dust to dust our bones fall like ashes in the wind settling like silt in the rivers and we'll run to the sea when we're dead. We'll live forever even when we're dead. Your bones and mine will run forever. 080416
LoverOfLight Driving across country takes a long time
Laid out across the seat with my head in your lap
I dozed- slip- sleep- awake
Your hands traced my shoulder
Bridge of my nose
My elbow
knotted through mine, you fingers rounded each knuckle
Each fingertip
I heard you whisper as you stroked my hair...
"I love your bones"
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