kit i think he knows.
he just doesn't care.
isn't that odd?
so who would be looking out for who?
him or me?
when i've figured that out
i'd be the selfish one
misstree i know i should feel bad
for wanting this
for myself,
but i don't quite understand why...

is it really right
to care about others
more than yourself?
kasparcamoutski If you read the directions for using the emergency oxygen masks on commercial jet-liners, you will be insructed to be sure that you yourself are well oxygenated before trying to assist others.

The Cypress and the Oak do not grow in each other's shadow
stupidpunkgirl you asked me what i wanted from you

it's too selfish to ask of you....
too goddamn selfish...
but it's what i want

i want you to be here again.
i want you to be here to hold me.
i just want you.

i never said it was attainable
chanaka humans are, by nature, selfish beings.
but that's not an excuse
or so they tell me
silentbob shell fish 001228
kx21 Genuine Love = Self - Selfishness 001228
Becky I can be incredibly selfish. I don't like it. but I can be. It's just something that happens when I don't want to give something up. It's mine I tell you.. all MINE. 010704
RAH Im selfish.. very selfish but then there are a some peopel out there who i would do anyhting for.

Who isnt selfish.. we are all selfish in one way or another.
Wicket I love him
he doesn't know me
do I hem him?
I don't want to
it's just so...
Tell me
is it selfish
to love
if not be loved back
is it selfish
to ask for something
which is condamned
to fail...?

Am I selfish?
Nick, tell me, am I selfish in your eyes?
If so...what are you then...?
Norm You stupid, shelfish, old, crab. 011218
ClairE You can't avoid it.

We all are.

However, selfish choices don't necessarily hurt other people
Blu it's selfish of me to want you, to love you, to miss you 020103
ClairE selfish_to_the_point_of_stupidity 020104
misaligned i want you to be in love with me instead of with her. i want that. i want. i want. it's the essence of selfishness. 020201
misaligned is it asking too much to be selfish of me too? 020201
eidorbwicca no natural empathy....

sheer laziness
fairydust why not be selfish? you can only feel your own emotions eh? 020223
Dis You. 020308
Dis I'm sorry. 020312
lycanthrope if you have a self, you're already selfish. It's saying these are my boundries. This is what i want. It's not maybe what you want. it's something that must be negotiated. The only saving grace about humanity, is that generally speaking, we can't do too much to help others without also helping ourselves. The same cannot be said of helping ourselves though. 020313
girl_jane I feel so guilty...I promise I'll never put myself first again 020503
Arwyn I'm selfish to want you to stay, but I know it's time. You're old, you're sick and it's time... I just wish I could be there... holding you, stroking your hair... 020504
heart rot maybe selfishness is a virtue 020504
Qazual I dont sell fish
I keep them all for me...
Kate Fletcher Don't you feel selfish sometimes when you're sitting in your room listening to music or eating a chocolate bar, or taking a really nice long shower, and then you think about how many people have nothing and how lucky you are to be able to enjoy so many useless things. 020505
Jacer is it self of me if making someone else happy makes me very happy? 020526
girl_jane I broke my promise. I'm sorry, Mom. 020526
missliss i want to steal the love you have for me away from you, and give it to myself. so I can look at myself the way you can. and love myself as much. 020629
Kitten I am self-absorbed.
I need you here and in this house I am queen. Selfish.
I want to keep you in a small box.
Inside with memories and shadows,
You can never leave.
You will die before you see daylight.
Like a butterfly with a pin through its thorax.
My ego lives within you.
girl_jane I'm being selfish again, and I'm crying because of it. I'm such a fucking bitch for feeling the way I do about him when she saw him first. 020827
Elzbieta I am
I am
I am
But I am all I got to love
idowannagetitsomedayandsoon selfishness_mistaken_for_caution. it seems that all the opportunities are on blind dates. i pull out its selfishness. on the other hand i am really to "cash" poor to properly pursue the lady i want. im beginning to not trust any decision i make cuz i dont really know any of the players or even if im a player anymore. on the other hand selfishness HAS been a big problem in my life. along with the bigger Naricism factor. 020828
filzkugel i just want you for myself!
is that so selfish??
angie i don't even know where to begin 021228
painted marbles am i selfish for wanting to spend time alone with him? for wanting to see him? for getting upset when he cant come over? should someone yell at me for patronizing them when i am simply explaining the situation? why should someone be mad at me for wanting to see him? 030222
niska yes, only my feelings matter. yours don't. i am selfish - i won't change. you either find a way to work around it, or find somethign else to do with your time. it's not up to me. 030309
the one you hate You are mine. You have been mine for 4 years. I want you to always be my pet with the memories all wrapped up in a ribbon for me to come home and unwrap every night. Every night. And you will listen. And I will live my life for you. My life. For you. You have no other choice because you can't bring yourself to leave me. Ever. And I like that. 030604
target oh yeah.
grow up.
try this relationship thing out.
now i'm in too deep
it's not for me
but i don't wanna see her cry
i fucking hate it.

shoulda been an asshole
shoulda been selfish
FightBack Are we really all selfish creatures deep down inside? oh God i dont really think so "selfishizm" Define It plz
AND why does it hurt so bad to be with a selfish partner while we dont feel the selfishness in ourselves..... is there a cure
sabbie i stood on a rouch and sharp rock
in the shade of a cliff face
toes gripping the edge
eyes squinted against the wind
and went fishing
for the selfish

my pot boiling on the fire behind me

awaiting dinner
blown cherry My car is gone, along with my last vestiges of independance.
My job is ending, the forthcoming poverty blotting out any chance of scraping back a little of what is lost.
My body is ill, and filthy. Not fit to be touched.

Unmotivated, immovable. Alone.
voodoo you are.
why can't i be?
it would be good for me.
maybe even good for us.

then again,
you wouldn't take it.
like i do.
Strideo i met a shelfish today, he was very selfish

PearlEarrings fISHing around for your SELF 031116
what is falling?
shelf is
a-z shelves are prone to do
for with the weight
of sweet and pickled fruits
it is too heavy
to agree with screws
or nails or the dusty
white papered surface
of what all is

it is a crash a smash
when the wood meets the tile
it is time
to wash up
and pick up
the pieces
of knowledge
who where why
what the self is
shhhh and a hush and a goodnight night
seeing as how eye
cannot find my reading glasses
loser how did I become so fucking selfish? 040206
Think Ill keep this one anonymous... I think I've gotten too depressed.

I think about suicide every day.

But what always makes me reconsider is how extraordinarily selfish it would be...

My therapist will probably put me back in the psych ward soon.
a girl like me i hate selfish people. i fear i might be one. 040502
minnesota_chris :) ya think? 040503
Nick R oh shit i mis-read it. I was after shellfish. Sorry guys 040626
Tom selfishness sells shellfish by the seashore 050214
Dan Moyer Tell me I have nothing to want and I will want it. But it's still something to WANT. 050409
Sintina A word that hurts.
But why?
Everyone needs to be
a little selfish.
You can't help others
without helping yourself,
For those in your care will see
how you care for yourself.
you can't know others
without first knowing yourself.
Selfish- so much negativity.
We all hate to be called selfish, because the fear is always there.
any of us has crossed
and will continue to cross
the line of basic,
neccessary selfishness
to toxic, grasping, uncaring selfishness.
It is a daily struggle between the self and all outside-the-self.
For if we don't care for others,
others won't care for us.
But sometimes the only way
to help is to step back
and this is always viewed as selfishness.
Do good and you will be accused of
selfish alterior motives.

Do good anyway.
nom i am a stupid selfish girl 070130
f don't be selfish, don't swap the plates around, they won't take you to the hospital, they will wait until you have passed out then burry you in the sand pit you have just helped dig out,

don't be selfish, and don't always run away from things as if there is something better to find, there isn't. will always find yourself,
in whatever way you are, sad, happy, guilty, sorry, .... you are running into yourself again and again so don't be selfish and stay there until you rot and become bone.

like it matters whether you see your fucking family again, be happy you were born, how selfish are you
? you spoilt little waste of space that needs to sleep all day because she doesn't want to be alive.

why want help then? did i ask you to give birth to me? NOOOOOOOOOO i didn't, so fucking stab me or poison me .......... i'm not going to kill myself because i am SELFISH.
Soma in my opinion you are a selfish CUNT sometimes. I get so sick of always giving giving giving and like the ocean you just take it all away. 101208
Risen What do I need?

I need you, here, in my life. I need your hands, there, just there, and don't stop writing me, holding me, straightening my spine and signing to me in a language only we understand.

I need you to smile at me, and reach out, and let me know that it is all going to be ok. I need you to keep your promise. Come here, share my world, give us that one night.

I need you to understand, I need you to forgive. I need you to be a little bit jealous because I need to know you care. I need you to miss me. I need you to write me into your veins, and I need you to tell me that I am still caught in the back of your throat, that my name is still written on your skin.

I need you here, in my life, I need to be able to reach out and feel like I am coming home. I need you to know that I love you, and I need you to believe in me. I need you to miss me. I need you to want that shared wavelength and the kink and the smiles and the meeting of minds. I need to hear you gasp my name, and I need to feel like I am understood. I need to know what you are thinking and I need...

I need everything. I need anything.

See? Selfish
f Selfish reveals herself.

it takes years to die.

years and years and years.

i'm still alive.
do i look like i want to be?
unhinged it used to bother me if people thought i was. pretty recently i realized, if thats what you think, thats your problem. 150823
flowerock The fine_line between self preservation or self care and selfishness may or may not exist, depends on how you choose to see it. 150824
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