zannah i'm a girl. i don't really consider myself a "woman". it sounds too grown up, and nevermind the fact that i am *supposed* to be grown up. girls recognise the fact that they are young. whether it be in physical age, or just young at heart. really. 981130
pineapple princess i am still a girl
a woman sounds too advanced for who i am despite how grown up i seem to be (or not be)
adam they scare me. 990303
emma overrated 990324
meeker i nooshi would say that. get it? i "knew she" would say that? actually, i just wanted a link to nooshi. ha. 990510
rsdio Say what?

(sorry, inside joke from alt.acme.exploding.newsgroup)
Felix Girls are great. Nothing more to say. 991018
Angel I live girls... I do not understand them, but I love them... 991031
ricmariem im one

i love others

but life still sucks
allie that's all that you'll let me be 991103
wetwet dfdsag 991103
Colleen She had beautiful chestnut hair, coils of it. Her forehead was low and smooth, and her commanding dark eyes regarded the world fearlessly. She could stop one's breath for a moment by a look or a gesture that somehow revealed the meaning in common things. 991112
andrea i look at her and discover all her little flaws and imperfections. i see the blemish on her right cheek. judging by the way she wears her hair, she is trying to hide a hickey on her neck. i wonder which one on her block gave it to her. the way she stands with her weight on one leg and her thumbs hooked in her belt loops, tells me that her womanly hips make her uncomfortable. she must feel they are not in proportion to her small waist and the developing breasts that she obviously embellishes with a padded, push-up bra. her stomach is barely peering out from under her shirt. her entire demeanor suggests a lack of esteem and an overall picture of a young woman desperately seeking approval. it is then that i realize she reflects the image i was only five short years ago. 991218
marjorie i like going into a classroom full of students and saying that "boys don't like smart girls". makes it feel like the fifties. people get tense. they begin to argue. it's a great noise-builder if ever you were to want one. and people always wonder if you're joking or serious. so nice to be a girl. 991228
riot "Who are you to tell me what I am and what I'm not? I'm one of you, just the same. Just . . . differently, that's all." 000113
deb she
Lisa what will Lisa be like when she gets older? will she wear make-up? will she ditch her family? become Dana Scully? can Lisa be foxy? if Springfield were in Illinois, she'd probably go to the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora. how many girls go there? just wondering. 000218
girl though it sounds presumtuous, im begining to think im the only good girl left 000326
girl no name.
no face.
no history.
no future.
no family.
no friends.
i have reduced myself this far.
i am only a girl.
i am nothing else.
no one knows me.
no one will ever know me.
the only thing i will permit u to know about me is the fact that i am a girl.
silentbob i like girls. i love girls. i hate guys. but im glad i am one. im glad im not a girl. but if i were a girl, id still be a lesbian. beacuse i love women. i do not objectify them. i see them as beautiful people. even the fat ones. ah, no, i fucked up. i was just kidding about that anyway. 000601
moonshine stop winking at me you fucking pig and close your shirt. I dont want to see what bit you. 000602
girl-less nothing more perfect in the universe
than a girl... a beautiful girl
(all girls are beautiful, though
sometimes its easier to appreciate the
beauty than others)

girl... the one thing i don't have
caite nabakov's nymphet 000806
kaskarkaminski What a scary book that was.... but so
finally crafted, the scene in the motel
room where he realizes he has been
duped, it's the classic master's use
of the ironic revearsal.
wolfman the word "girl" is the embodyment of youth... it automatically has a FUN connotation... and rightly so...a man can never appreciate his full potential untill he has a girl to put his arms around 000907
daanuh Im just a girl.
Im immature.
Im irresponsible.
Im unintelligent.
Im ignorant.
Im naieve.
I dont know what Im doing.
Im all alone in a pool of people who sterotype me because im young.
xemopartyx girls bend my heart and make me wonder if their thoughts match mine or if this is all part of an evilgirltactic or is a girlflirtingmanuver.

they still make up everything beautiful in this world.
datura i'm not a woman yet.
i still belong to that
catty class of girls. we meet in the bathroom and gossip through lipsticked mouths.
pat sajak my mom was a girl once. 001202

bullet proof...i wish i was
daxle all in all you just want to break down the wall 001229
the conveyor Girls make me kinda sad now, on account of I can't really date them anymore. I'm 26 and society tells me I have to date women, who aren't nearly as much fun as girls. I went with a girl a few months ago and I remember thinking, "Uh-oh. I just gave this girl a glass of wine. She's only 19. The law says I can fuck her brains out, but I could get a fine for giving her wine". 010109
stupidpunkgirl just because you are a boy
doesn't mean you can use the girls
don't mar their innocence
and don't leave them alone
just because you're a boy
doesn't give you the fucking right
to come into her life
and not give a fuck about her
after you get what you want out of her
because you're a boy
you feel the need to objectify
and to critisize
so think about her before the thought crosses your mind about touching her
Steve 'i am a bitch, i am a cunt, i am a slut, i am a whore...
these are the sticks and stones around my neck'

girl...cast aside, objectified. destroyed...
medusa i am alone.
sadly typical.
depressingly normal.
so far away.
florescent light He's got the smile that has all the groping girls hanging onto him.
He smiles at me while his ego.
But I refuse to run.
He's got a killer smile, but I am one girl who won't let him know.
Chrity go to:
fyrephli i will always be a girl, even at 74. grrl, gurl, gyrl. all of those, teeth and spit and sweet and sweat and curved. there's a part of me i've pickled and kept close to the surface so it won't age but won't show it's been there for a while. i'm resiliant. 010417
badf girls have boobs or tits or jugs or melons there r so many names 010630
Casey Most are nice to 010630
fuckaname mother lover sister daughter whore mistress innocent sweet the most beatiful thing ive ever seen misunderstood taken for granted taking for granted taken advantage of taking advantage of closing eyes to not have to look at the truth follw the crowd because of pressure o you naaive little girl so many posssiblities in this worldgo for the mainsteam go for the other stream gofor yourself go for everyone else just remember one thing no matter what you do no matter how it ends up ill always love you but you dont even realixe that it doesnt matter how mean times i tell you you dont realize this i mean it i always meant you dont get it i love dont fall for the fool dont fall for the fool it doesnt matter you still fall for the fool and my heart falls to the floor im just a worthless whore 010813
kijima piece of shit

ball of hell

ruiner of all lives



distorted tendencies I'm a girl. of the female gender. femme fatale. 010825
babygirl stand in front of you / take the force of the blow / protection / sometimes you look so small / stand in front of you / take the force of the blow / you're a boy and i'm / a girl / need some shelter / you're a boy and i'm / a girl / you're a boy / and i'm a girl / i know you want to live yourself but could you forgive yourself / if you left her just the way you found her 011031
silentbob someone i can talk to, someone i don't have to talk to 011101
ClairE I'm still one, but I feel comfortable calling myself a woman, too.
girlish = naive

I'm a grrl, and damn proud of it.
. NO GET AWAY TAKE YOUR EVIL OUT. must hide. protection. take me away. leave. you are not good remember that the next time. Ahh why. you are a bitch 011204
End Is Forever I met a girl I thought I loved
But unfortunately I guess I didn't take the time
To get to know that girl before I made
A lot of choices that I wasn't prepared to make
zenfishsticks she is small and pale
with short dark hair
and sunset eyes

dressed in clothes
thrice handed down
large enough to swim in

she sings underwater
in the bathtub at night
bubbling to the surface
cube "Girls just wanna have fun" (credit Madonna) is a truism that took me a while to realize. If, as a younger man, i had understood this, how different those early relationships might have been.

Perhaps most girls recognise that life as a woman will probably be harder for them than for most guys. It usually is. Is it just the nature of the beast? It seems to carry on well past the 'girlie' stages.

Put a bunch of women together and there'll be a riot of laughter and much silliness. Put a bunch of guys together and you just get another dirty little war...
Mahayana: Zakah: ¿[whos that girl]?-cyndi lauper
girls just wanna have fun-madonna

nope inverse reverse your' shelfed-self

¿[whos that girl]?- madonna
girls just wanna have fun-'cyndi lauper'

[slighted once again]
[by the throws of]
cube Thanx Mahayana. I'll try to get those references right in the future...
CheapVodka Me-ow

get it?

i'm an idiot
((just like a girl))

nevermind...getting ahead of myself

difficult, sweet, silly, yummy, sexual_preference, always_wins, liberated, cover_girl, seductive, center_fold, annoying, girlish_looks, throw'em away...

sister, aunt, niece, grandma, mom/mother, cousin, second cousin, etc


BPD...((girl'z disorder))

flip it

Tim the enchanter Girl is what gesticulates mead feed. To pontificate the seed of need. Girl masticates mates on dates.

I too have a sex
friendly correction "girls just wanna have fun"
Cindy Lauper

(not Madonna)
negating the friendly correction cyndi and madonna have already been corrected a few posts above :) 020124
out of my head Im NOT a girl, Not yet a women...but I am cheesy 020209
sporkfoo If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I won't grow up, never grow up
Never grow up not me.
No sir.
Arwyn impersonating The Beatles Is there anybody going to listen to my story,
All about the girl who came to stay,
She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry,
Still you don't regret a single day.
Ah, Girl, (oothss) Girl, Girl.

When I think of all the times I tried so hard to leave her,
She will turn to me and start to cry,
And she promises the earth to me and I believe her,
After all this time I don't know why.
Ah, Girl, (oothss) Girl, Girl.

She's the kind of girl who puts you down,
When friends are there, you feel a fool.
(Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)
When you say she's looking good,
She acts as if it's understood,
She's cool, ooh, ooh, ooh,
Girl, (oothss) Girl, Girl.

Was she told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure,
Did she understand it when they said,
That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure,
Will she still believe it when he's dead.
Ah, Girl, (oothss) Girl, Girl.
Ah, Girl, (oothss) .....
Ill stop Illusion, Thinking I might die anytime sucks 020424
redmocd girl, a mystery from within. our own rib transformed into something altogether different yet confusingly similar. but inside, yes--inside, our hearts not ribs, we know that they are meant for us and we for them. it doesn't have to always be that way, that much is true. but for those of us who feel compelled to seek the ever illusory girl. you know what i'm talking about, that one girl that we're just meant to be know, that crap. for those of us with this itch, the pain and misery are shared by all alike. love. and its many accursed cousins. that is the reason. and this probably makes no sense. 020619
stacey Her parents never took the young girl to church
Never spoke of His name
Never read her His word
Two non-believers walking lost in this world
Took their baby with them
What a sad little girl

Her daddy drank all day and mommy did drugs
Never wanted to play
Or give kisses and hugs
She'd watch the TV and sit there on the couch
While her mom fell asleep
And her daddy went out

And the drinking and the fighting
just got worse every night
Behind their couch she'd be hiding
Oh what a sad little life
And like it always does, the bad just got worse
With every slap and every curse
Until her daddy in a drunk rage one night
Used a gun on her mom and then took his life

And some people from the city took the girl far away
To a new mom and dad
And kisses and hugs everyday
Her first day of Sunday school the teacher walked in
And a small little girl
Stared a picture of Him

She said I know that man up there on that cross
I don't know His name
But I know He got off
He was there in my old house
and held me close to His side
As I hid there behind our couch
The night that my parents died
julietlives oh, i am a girl. oh. i dont think i will ever be a woman. its too grown up a word. i dont think i could ever be at that maturity level, and besides,i would rather stay in never never land forever. 020823
curious toys
"See, there's a between having sex and being fucked...'Cause when you get fucked, you know you've been fucked."

"If it was in your soul to do it then fate would just take you there and everything else is just a test, to see if you're the real thing. Are you the real thing?"

-Girl (1999)
myplasticmind Is that who I really am? Just 'girl'?

i hate boys because they hate girls. you messed me up. i messed you up. so why can't we just be messed up together and not have to worry about dying from it?
i will never love again....or can i? can you?

strange things.
littleidiot girl, girl, girl...
exception to the rule? yes you are... in the completely wrong way.

hope your happy.
scratch that--i just hope you KNOW how're your feeling, coz i don't, and i don't think i ever will.
me "oh I'm just a girl
Oh little ole me
so don't let me out of your sight
oh I'm just a girl
lucky me
So don't let me have any rights..."
"oh I'm just a girl
Livin' in captivity..."
april z. smashed tightly into the stone, beyond the claws of ravenous man
resiliantly fragile, hoarding such innocence
tiny wild heart of flame, fluttering, flickering
eyes throwing ice out into the dark air
sending water to secret and forgotten spaces
rushing spirits that dance along the shadows
finding those trembling bits of life that struggle to thrive
blowing subtle sugary kisses to the bitter boughs of parched tree tops
stringing embers together to illuminate the shy paths towards home...
oldephebe what a gift! 030810
oldephebe what a gift!! 030810
oldephebe gotta say again everybody read april z's
girl, you have got serious game!!
i think so too 030810
ditto 030810
raja sdfsad f dsf ds 030821
nomatter congratulations 030915
Kristopher I. . . I like girls.

*blush, grin, puts hands in front of face*
crimson well, they tell me i am. but sometimes i wonder. as im sure others do, as well 030919
Death of a Rose powerful word....nuff said 031010
a girl with nothing to say i am happy to be a girl sometimes i think its a gift to be one you get to have a man to hold you and protect you, you can wear long stuff short stuff or sometimes almost nothing we also get to have children i think this is one of the best parts of being a girl 031017
neverisalways grrl
boy in a dress
snowfall i love girls. There is somthing about the way their hair falls in their face or the way they talk or maybe its the way their body moves. Every girl is beautiful, no matter what, there is just somthing about girls that makes me shiver. 040117
april n i do not like being one. 040201
jenny enny dots oh girl by the beatles is a beautifully sad song. 040201
king_gopher ppl are weird when they think they wont be heard but oh you have hahahahahahahahahaha 040205
Dimorph what separates the men from the faggots 040206
Candy I'm a girl. It's better to be a girl than a guy because the only thing you can do as a guy is whack off.. where as with a girl you can... ahh, nevermind. 040218
Jairus guy's worlds revolves around girls...

they/I/We cant help it :P
D_S trap 040609
puredream Call me your girl. 040609
not pure dream me your call girl 040610
caveman lover me call your girl 040610
ailbhe I'm so grateful to have been a girl. 040617
Connecting..the.dots.. I'm greatfull to be a girl who lives in the US - It truly makes such a huge difference. 040617
imaginary Ed Girls are easy to love. I know this, I have loved many girls - sadly love seems to scare girls away. Fun without commitment, the antithesis of love? A small tear in my heart but easily healed. After all, what is love but an emotion? 040629
Briar i am a very bad girl

god i hate myself so much
sylvie you mean there is no Ed? I figured it was possible but it seemed like a long shot. No, Ed is real. I love Ed.

I was bad too, really bad, just awful.
I probably deserved punishment.
danielle tv girl I so want to be a girl. I am a girl, but you probably don't accept that. 040824
djstar I am a girl. Who happens to ADORE girls. We are tricksters, acrobats, aristocrats, fat, small, hungry, full, fools, falling, always falling, in and out of love, romantics, fierce, stubborn, manipulative, and powerful. 040923
nighean_siofra little girl
where have gone
taken away
with the dawn
i miss you so
it's strange,
i know
but i'm really
quite lost
without you
it's a brave new world
but you're not here to see it
i wish
i wish
i cry and beg
please come back to me

i know you won't though
that you're gone for good
but you've left you're tears
empty memories
to lie upon my soul

soon you'll smile again
happy and free
but for now it's all darkness
fear and uncertainty
i need my guiding star
my angel
my light
for the girl i loved has left me
and taken all my hope
Utah i seem to have trouble with them
these beasts
these beautiful creatures
some of them anyway.
hahaha even the fat ones. ah, i fucked up.
i was just kidding about that anyway.
trust tree Utah
i'm sure you didnt fuck up
it was probably never meant to be
trust tree Utah
i'm sure you didnt fuck up
it was probably never meant to be
trust tree Utah
i'm sure you didnt fuck up
it was probably never meant to be
andre girl, why don't you love me? 050127
norren but i am just a 050128
norren but i am just that 050128
helly opposite of boy?!
adsfas a girl is... 050916
know who i remember you still, the silent black haired girl working away in french. Whilst i(the ever abrasive working-class boy with illusions of anarchy) impersonated the teacher, or launched dictionarys across the room. But that, my love make no mistake, was a beginning.
And then later the barbeques, the drinking binges and silent hazy looks that carry on to this day. as if there is so much that would've been said should the situation not have passed by years ago.
other girls came, and i had my fun, grew bold ina way, made my dad glad he had a son.
but you still (and this is the point about girls) see straight through me, and turn me inside out. i still hate/envy the solidarity and resilience that you possess because i was and am in bits.
The worst thing about these girls is that sometimes they love other boys and all these years have seen you slowly sink into the "brother" category
and there is no way back from what you never intended. and now every girl i am with will know (somehow) that i am with her because i ran away from you, that i look as if ive just been dropped by a UFO because i could'nt stand to watch you turn from a girl into the most stunningly beautiful woman, at his side.
Is it better to be a coward with girls sometimes? "i will not catch your eye tonight, i will stutter my way through naked poverty until i'm across the street, safe." If i say it, if i give you my heart
you will give it me back broken
i know this
i let my heart wonder in the garden of eden, and then i fell
holding sacred a love, that i dare'nt not tell
to purge myself of my past, my girl-related mission.
"so take these diamond-flashing tears and maybe i'll see you in twenty years." (sorry about that.)
emm i'd rather be a girl
than a woman
because everything
is simpler
when you're a
lost in the big
frazer when old women say they are going out 4 a nite with the girls.. 060924
eaten eaten 101111
firecub3 hotness is overrated ..! 120203
what's it to you?
who go