yoink just get one, dammit. that vest looks nice on you.
stuck like glue.
drop your pants.
say woohoo.
you are fake.
freakizh related to orion.. and highlighted hips. 020522
emmi i asked my friend dwayne why i don't have a boyfriend. he said i don't wear things that highlight my sexiness.
he says, 'one simple question. how many belts do you own?'

so from what i understand, i'm alone because i don't like belts.
misstree there is a secret society of those who gain a wicked_grin when they look at braided leather belts. they know what kind of pretty pretty marks they leave on flesh. 040223
jimmy you'd be surprised what kind of marks a regular martial arts belt will leave on the flesh. i should've ran not walked the gauntlet. 040223
misstree wasn't coming out the other end enough to make it worth it? and knowing that you did indeed walk, is there no pride in that? half-measures are death to artists. 040223
jimmy felt like a new person 040223
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