french is it dressing or is it a language? this is the enigma that is the word french. ok, it can be either. 980819
... Doesn't apply to fries or toast. 980819
dallas The cool kind of kissing. 980919
Caine I've wasted too much time because of your slurred, legato-mouthed dismissal of the last letter. Enunciate, you bastards! 980923
emma uh, i like it. 981006
drew makes socio-political statements sound cool... (i.e. stereolab) 981006
k the food talk just made me hungry.
brie is french. i like brie. i'm going to have some, i think. yeah.
kat le francais est la plus belle langue du monde, bien sur. 990410
meighquer aiment les choses que nous autres ont declare sont sans valeur. Les Francaises ont une langue inutile- pas de poetes utilise la, pas de nouvelles idees. vanne. 990517
aaron Je tame tres beaucoup 990523
bob fish I love the kissing. I don't mind the people. I hate the language 000102
Nathan Frog's Legs. Long, silly Bread sticks and Frog's legs. I wouldn't mind going to France though, just to see how rude those Frenchies really are. 000109
jennifer not rude.... just a little dirty
and they sit in cafes (sp) on the street and eat sandwiches all day
tuiviq Une langue qui après tant d'années d'assimilation tient son fort;
Embrassons la force d'être multilingue...
Vous! Français, Québecois, Acadiens, Cajuns - ne laissez pas la mode effacer votre vocabulaire - préserver la!
acuhymen some say its beautiful. german though, spoken by a french woman, in an oscar myre baby-t, with a cream soda in each hand may well be the most erotic thing i can think of 000226
Leann Le Langage de amour? 000321
MollyGoLightly Italian is much better. 000321
Brad Portuguese is better still. 000322
MollyGoLightly oh, and that's
La Langue D'amour i believe.
Three cheers for my high school French instructor....
For sure! je suis laid! know what that means? i think it means, "I am ugly." She's not ugly though, quite the opposite. 000713
guitar_freak Il est tres sympa
Il est tres mignon
Il est tres intelligent
Il est tres gentile
Il est tres unique
Je t'aime!!
Je danser avec toi
Barrett "Frahnch fries,
Frahnch dressing,
and to drink, Peru"

"Sorry 'bout your mom's face Ricky."
lord imperial magistrate and master of grammer and ich bin ein berlinner! 001110
fran Je ne comprend pas.

Jean Michelle Je suis un homme.
Tu es une fille.
C'est fantastique.
Je ne comprends pas.
Ca suffit.
nocturnal I hate the french. it's nothin personal really, it's just that they hate us, so I hate them right back. however, I must say I enjoy the toast and the kissing. 010403
Jean Michelle ::clutching at left breast::
Aaaaah! Mine heart! It is naked! Degoutant! Merde!
nocturnal oh johnny, what are you going on about now? 010403
bill and ted it's a salad dressing dude 011018
ilovepatsajak cool as fcuk 011018
anti-social butterfly Le deserteur (Boris Vian)
Monsieur le Président
Je vous fais une lettre
Que vous lirez peut-être
Si vous avez le temps
Je viens de recevoir
Mes papiers militaires
Pour partir à la guerre
Avant mercredi soir
Monsieur le Président
Je ne veux pas la faire
Je ne suis pas sur terre
Pour tuer des pauvres gens
C'est pas pour vous fâcher
Il faut que je vous dise
Ma décision est prise
Je m'en vais déserter
Depuis que je suis né
J'ai vu mourir mon père
J'ai vu partir mes frères
Et pleurer mes enfants
Ma mère a tant souffert
Elle est dedans sa tombe
Et se moque des bombes
Et se moque des vers
Quand j'étais prisonnier
On m'a volé ma femme
On m'a volé mon âme
Et tout mon cher passé
Demain de bon matin
Je fermerai ma porte
Au nez des années mortes
J'irai sur les chemins
Je mendierai ma vie
Sur les routes de France
De Bretagne en Provence
Et je crierai aux gens:
Refusez d'obéir
Refusez de la faire
N'allez pas à la guerre
Refusez de partir
S'il faut donner son sang
Allez donner le vôtre
Vous êtes bon apôtre
Monsieur le Président
Si vous me poursuivez
Prévenez vos gendarmes
Que je n'aurai pas d'armes
Et qu'ils pourront tirer

i hope you people who speak french understood that, but just in case i will put up the english translation (which is of course not as good as in the original language, but oh well).
anti-social butterfly In full awareness,
Dear President,
I am writing you this letter,
which I hope you will read.
The draft card here
plainly tells me that
I have to go make war
this coming Monday.
However, I am not here,
Dear President,
to kill people
more or less like me.
I am not annoyed with you,
by the way,
but I feel I have decided
and I will desert.
I only had trouble
since I was born
and the children I brought up
have cried with me.
My mom and my dad
are buried now
and about the war
they won't give a damn.
When I was a prisoner
someone stole
my wife and my past,
my best age.
Tomorrow I am going to get up
I am going to close the door
on the dead season
and set off.
I'll live on charity
on the streets of Spain,
of France and Britain
and I'll call on everyone
not to leave anymore
and not to obey
just to end up dead
for no matter who.
Therefore if you need
blood at all costs,
go give yours,
if this amuses you.
And, please, tell your men,
if they come for me,
that they can shoot at me,
weapons ... I don't have.

there. you have it in english. this is a french song and i don't know when it was written, but if you know how to speak french then you should read it in french because translations always lose something. =)
ClairE My ex spoke French.

I was happy today and he just shot me down.

He never spoke French to me.

It was Tunisian, anyway.
ilovepatsajak ne quits pas moi.
is that right?
you j'adore l'fromage 020224
dis Mmm... my mouth, his mouth;
the gaping, tremendous, maw-lock kisses that so repulse the casual onlooker and so arouse the prurient interest;
I explore within his mouth; flickering, resting (like a trick with a lion in a circus,) I try to stroke his teeth, and paint the insides of his cheeks, and tickle the tip of his own tiny tongue -- which I'd suck if I could, and oh how I would, if I didn't think that it would hurt him...
unhinged tunisian french

email you i know french.
kill rhythm je parle francais, pas beaucoup. c'est pas droite, je suis sûr. mais, j'ai essayé.

i am in my 3rd year of french. i wish i could speak it fluently. that would be awesome. then i could yell at him and he wouldnt know what i said.

je l'aime pour toujours
cheer-up-emo-kid Im in french 2... my teacher is a sucks... 020524
listo The french don't hate you. They simply aren't paying enough attention to you. For most americans, I am sensing, this is a far greater tragedy. 021007
phil? Voulez vous rentrer dans mon patalon juste apres le petit dejeune? 021026
imposter Is the sexiest language on Earth. Dear God, just seieng her type it sends me into frenzies. I can't imagine hearing her speak it.

That, and I forgot how good her legs have always looked, especially in those cute skirts. Ah . . . :)
imposter But she really does have the best legs

-- of anyone.

My favourite.
crimson It's a shame that you can't see her
I dream her up like Paris
Closet Ballerina aaaaaaaaaaah quebecois.
je parle francais, mais pas bon.. parce que quebecois est une accent tres fucked up. j'ecoute, je comprende pas. je lire, pas de problem.

now, everyone should listen to mediatribes by loco locass.
good ole montreal 'ip 'op
Death of a Rose je' adore 031018
dudeinanigloo J’aime beaucoup la langue de français. Il est un langue très romantique, et si vous avez d’intelligence, vous allez agréer. J’adore mon capacité de parler en français, parce que des filles l’adorent aussi. Beaucoup des personnes qui parlent sur le “blather” pensent que le français est une langue stupide. Alors, ils sont stupide en pensant ça! On doit étudier cette langue pour comprendre sa beauté. Quand on apprend à parler bien cette langue, on réalise qu’il n’est pas stupide. On peut étudier et aimer autres langues, par exemple Espagnol, Allemande, Italien, Hollandais, etc. Ce sont tous de bonnes langues, mais je crois que le français est la langue la plus belle! Ça c’est mon avis. 040122
dudeinanigloo oh and that's "j'adore" Death of a Rose, not "je'adore." 040127
Fierce Your mother is a hamster
And your father smelt of elderberries
somearrogantfrenchbastard English speakers should learn to master the French language for exactly the same reasons French speakers learn Latin and Greek : to understand WHY their words are spelled in such a non-logical way and why grammar makes no sense.


sometranslator An improved translation of Boris Vian's "Le déserteur"

Mister President
I send you this letter
that maybe you will read later
If you have the time
I have just received
My military papers
I must leave for war
Before Wednesday night
Mister President
I do not want to go
I am not on this earth
To kill poor people
I do not mean to anger you
But I must tell you
That my decision is taken
I am going to be a deserter
Since I was born
I have seen my father die
I have seen my brothers go
And my children cry
My mother suffered so much
She is now in her tomb
And she laughs at the bombs
And she laughs at the worms
When I was a prisoner
I was stolen my wife
I was stolen my soul
And all of my dear past
Tomorrow, early in the morning
I will close my door
in the face of dead years
I will roam the streets
I will beg my life
On the roads of France
Of Britanny in Provence
And I will screem to people :
Refuse to obey
Refuse to go
Do not go to war
Refuse to leave
If blood must be given
Go and give yours
You are a good apostle
Mister President
If you hunt me down
You can inform your gendarmes
That I will not be armed
And that they will be free to shoot
dudeinanigloo *sobs...*

Very moving.
emmi i've had it with french men. they are polygamous by nature. 040517
tomber_seul j'adore le français, mais je ne le parler pas très bien. 041028
poulpos First of all : excuse my english, I'm french...

This poem was written for a song by Boris Vian in 1954, at the beginning of the french war in algeria (is the right name in english ?)

I'll try to make a better traduction, with my "french feeling" of the next, but i'll definitively miss the "english feeling of translation"...

The deserter

Mister President,
I am writing you a letter
That you might read
if you have time.
I've just received
my military draft
to go on war
before wednesday evening.
Mister President
I do not wish to do it
I am not on earth
to kill some poor people.
I do not intend to annoy you
but I have to tell you
that I have decided
and I will desert.

Since I was born
I saw my father die away
I saw my brothers fade away
and saw my children cry
My mother had so much suffered
she is now burried
and does not care about bombs
and does not care about worms/rhymes (same word in french : "vers" it could be used in both of senses)
When I was a prisonner
I have been stolen my wife
I have been stolen my soul
and all my beloved past.
Tomorrow, at an early hour
I will lock my door
to the dead years (could be the dead years of his past as those of this military future)
and will set off on roads.

I'll live on charity
on the roads of France
from Bretagne to Provence (both 2 countries of france, Bretagne is on the west (the "nose" of france) and Provence is the South-East)
and I will tell people :
Refuse to obey
Refuse to do it
Do not go to war
Refuse to go away
I blood shall be given
then go give yours
you are a good apostle (meaning he's convincing, but should participate as people he's sending to war)
mister President.
If you plan on pursuing me
just tell your officers
that I will not have weapons
and that they can shoot at me.

Well this is something that seems to keep a better way its original french meaning, but I don't know if I could give him such sense and power in english. I just hope it's keeping its sense like this.

But as I read my own poor translation, I feel the sense is there, but the poetry is gone, there is just a beautifull story about a deserter left.
trust_tree the french are a unique and beautiful people. learn to embrace them, and if you find that difficult because the media warps your mind..then go to france, and you'll understand for yourself. 051203
trust_tree the french are a unique and beautiful people. learn to embrace them, and if you find that difficult because the media warps your mind..then go to france, and you'll understand for yourself. 051203
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