Erin My boyfriend I love so much is there now at west point's boot camp for 5 more weeks......I am a wreck i have no one...I am marrying him 010709
hanael well, we know who's next after the priest then, heh-heheh 010709
Effingham Fish Sadly, I could never live like that. 011030
minnesota_chris the economy is bad again, and I'm thinking about joining the military again. 030128
sirflaccid The military is the ulimate run-away for anyone. As guy this is a well known fact.

When you decide to "join up" you can do no wrong. You WILL get away with things that the normal man would never dream of.

You can leave your family behind. How many "soldiers" do you know that have a newborn child or their partner is expecting one. I would imagine the percentage is quite high if you would actually take count. The best part for them is they get to run away from that responsiblity.

Well not entirely.

This is a way for people to live without the necessity of money so they can have their pay shipped back to the states as to put on the face of responsiblity. But this way you never have to live with its realities.

While away you can do anything you want. Cheat on your partner, bring home some foreign STD and no one will ever know about it. And if they do find out, you can use the classic excuses.

"You don't know what it was like over there."
"It is just so lonely, I didn't know what to do."
"With all of the tragedies I witnessed I just needed someone to connect to."

I just had a friend return on leave recently who has done the following and used the exact same excuses.
Freak is sick of this shit I found someone who will stick to their original plan instead of changing it for me. Doing what they wanted to do long before they met me. Don't give any fucking responsibility don't know about half of whats going on. 050106
sirflaccid This issue isn't about you at all. The problem is it seems all of this is based on a pretty selfish point of view.

Nothing is about you, me, or him anymore. You are dealing with a life that is not your own.

Plans are nothing more than ideas, sometimes they have to change because of the decisions that have been made.
Freak and sometimes plans dont need to change.

This is going to give her insurance
this is going to give her money
this is a way that can pay for his college

and she will still have a wonderful father
phil Did I ever tell anyone I hate the army. I hope it matters to you. I think it is unnecessary and ignorant, that is why I hate it. For example, the Iraq war. By hating the army, I also hate the system and the people that make military action necessary.

We should find other ways to solve our problems. If you think the Iraq caused the war, then this is an issue of self control. As a country, this activity shows that we would rather shoot people and waste human life. There are other examples I can use to establish that this is a form of ignorance, such as the walls we built in Texas Mexican border area. The effort here shows we either lack the intelligence to do anything constructive, or that we like to insult/hurt people who don't like us. Which is low self esteem. By low intelligence, I mean the communication of our government, the kind of government that goes to war in a confused state of misinformation, and even... the people of this country who don't care one way or the other.

Did I mention that the people have to want to join the military?
hsg mil

minnesota_chris Everyone says to honor the soldiers. But they were hired to aid an organization that kills people, and I have a hard time honoring that. 100129
<><> who's website is this? 100129
Soldier I have used this website for years, and I am in the army. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to being a soldier. Some people love us and some people hate us. Some jobs we do are necessary and others are not. Categorical support of - or opposition to - the military is a product of lazy thinking. Also, we're not all dumb. My IQ is in the 99th percentile of the 99th percentile. So lose the stereotypes. 100129
hsg Soldier, what is that # for IQ, please. And what is ur opinion of the asvab &/ or any relationship it may hold with iq? 100129
Soldier It is irrelevant, and a general discussion of psychometry is also irrelevant.

The reality is that this world was militarized long ago, and is going to remain militarized for a long time. Because that other militaries exist, is is necessary that one's own state possess a military, if one hopes for the continued existence of one's state. America's governmental institutions are far from perfect, but there is more to our state than the government. Though our nationally internal conflicts may confound and appall, I'm certain that the lives of 99% of the population would be worse were our state overrun. Under almost any other system currently imaginable there would, for hundreds of millions of us, be less life, less liberty, and less pursuit of happiness.

The military performs the job of ensuring that no foreign entity undertakes to diminish our access to those three things. And it is successful. Whether we constrain ourselves through nationally internal measures is another matter entirely, and one in which the military plays but a very minor role (contrary to certain conspiratorial arguments).

In America 2010 there are a few million people volunteering to PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE so that foreign entities do not meddle with the other 300 millions' freedom. You don't have to participate at all in that defense if you do not want to. Nor do you have to agree with the military's activities and you are even welcome to engage yourself civically with intent to redirect the military's efforts. However, it is total naivete to think that the military is somehow obsolete, unnecessary, the source of our ills, or that any peaceable American who enjoys conducting their life as they see fit would be somehow better off if the military just went away.

And it is truly disgusting to be regarded with contempt by one's countrymen for involving oneself in said defense of one's countrymen's freedom to express contempt towards one's defense of one's countrymen's freedom.
hsg Well that looked like a lotta letters not_so_much numbers. I'll place you at about 160.

And I'm curious of your opini on Kennedy- the one who birthed the best_of_the_best_of_the_best

I also hold good faithathey will maintain the core values upon which our freedom is founded.
hsg Separation_of_the_church_and_state blackwater prince killing_for_Jesus 100130
Vs. Me Power is what keeps people in separation and keeps PEOPLE weak. All war is class war because those people overseas are outside of the borders the whole entire system has created enemies that are completely unecessary, they are PEOPLE, like you and me who live in a different part of the world. The intolerance and separation of cultures outside and inside of our own boarder has created all the terrorism. We need to get the secrets out and let only truth be told! The witch hunts will continue until everyone learns the truth. 100130
Vs. Me Also, I must add, the military has its men and woman fighting's mind set that they are defending for liberty and freedom, but yet the billions of dollars spent on American tax money was spent to wage all this bloodshead and for what? Economic growth. Millions and millions of people are unemployed because of the funding that has been taken away from small businesses through taxation, so they close down. Homes went on forclosure, the crime rates of the poverished districts have increased. We can only learn from history and make a change to all this corruption being brought to the people.

Have you ever thought that the leaders of this country opress and try to take away freedom of other countries? Take a look around and see why other countries want to attack the U.S.
Phil No other military force in the world spends as much money as ours. If we took the military spending and gave it to the unemployed, they would each be earning $25,000 a year, for no reason.

I would be much more comfortable with that situation; that would mean the world is a better place.

The lack of military would be a sign of improvment. You've got one because you need one, well wouldn't it be marvelous if we did not need one? We, obviously, have something to do with the problem. Because we have one other countries feel they need one, to some extent.

There is nothing positive about a military, so don't expect any congrats from me when you choose to serve them. Most people don't rely on any sort of reasoning and just join because they like fighting, hate foreigners, want to get paid, educated, or blow shit up. They are so blank slated at most ideas, they bite onto whatever the military would feed them as far as ideology.

Military exists because people want to kill eachother, which is the stupidity involved. Not your IQ.

Our country is better than other countries, and our way of life is superior? This belief is probably what prompts a lot of violent behaviour.

You are not fighting for me. I really guarantee you that. Right now, at best, you are fighting for the people in Afghanistan. That is fine, I suppose, but on an individual level we are no better than any other people. So why are we better on a larger scale as a country?

Why should I want the rest of the world to fall under the same control I am under. I don't want conflicts to be resolved miltaristically. Then the majority of us would be powerless.

I don't think we are near the end of any internal conflict over a myriad issues; if we were, that would make peace with other countries less difficult. Who is going to invade us anyhow?

How about you leave the military and solve other problems if your IQ is 99% of 99%? Are you in control of anything in the army or do you simply follow orders, what good does your intelligence do then when you drink from the rich tits of the military?
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