coldtea Here ya go, 80 proof. It's not a priveledge, it's your duty 990225
emma there's a time and a place for everything.

i don't really want to go though.

maybe i can get a scholarship.
a-team that's what it's here for? 990317
Emma TS A place of different learning then high school, wtih more sex and beer 990318
daxle I knew I was going to college before I knew what it was. Now the thought of four more years is killing the joy I could have had this june. Worth it I hope. 990421
leslie Take as much advantage of it as you can, while you can.

I can't believe I sound so old! I'm only 23.
Colleen A recent study found that college students with "A" averages consumed less than 3 drinks a week. "D" and "F" students admitted to swilling 11 or more a week. Coincidence? Methinks not. 991112
Quintessensual That study was so incomplete as to be meaningless. But fear not, as another study completes the picture and shows how hopelessly complex it really is. "A" college students smoke mj an average of 13 (+/- 9) times per week and have an average family income of $123,000 (+/- 28,000) while "D" and "F"ers smoke mj a mere 7 (+/- 4) times and have an average family income of $37,000 (+/- 7,000). Yes, there must be a correlation with something, but it ain't the weekly consumption of "drinks." 991112
oodles I'm a week away from the end of my freshman year--I can't believe it's already over. I learned more here in the first week than I learned my entire senior year. And I haven't stopped learning. Every day I find out something new about myself...about life. And I grow to love it more each day. (I just wish money and homework weren't issues.) 000429
jennifer "I still felt good, as I remembered the long nights in college laboring to broaden my knowledge. Oh please, who am I fooling? I spent most of my nights taking bong hits and trying to suck bean dip through a swizzle stick. Nevertheless, I felt somewhat confident."
Zeroshin where we go to feel good about ourselves. i'm not an A student, i'm not a F student.... i'm a PAYING student... that's all that matters. 010118
Sintina Sucks.
I don't have enough time.
Everything is about time.
Time with Matt,
Time for work,
Time for Drama,
Time for class,
Time to do this,
Time to do that,
And I never have enough.
And I cry about it.
And I bitch about it.
And somehow I get everything done,
but it's all only second rate bullshit,
never good enough.
I didn't have enough time to make it good. I'm going to lose my scholarship.
I'm going to lose my scholarship.
twiggie i don't know where i want to go...
but i do know i'm going to double major in psychology and art.
other than that, it's up for grabs.
the only packet i've gotten from any college is st. ben's..
...because my mom went there.
this is causing too much stress.
florescent light I'm graduating.
Did my time.
Loved every moment of it.
Grew enormous amounts.
Grad school will be next.
Jenna Maybe I'll be thinking differently in three years but so far...

NOT worth the time or energy I put into it.

Geez, I really hope I will be thinking differently. Or that something better comes along before then. I'd hate to be stuck here, like now, just because I have nothing else to do. Very little ambition, or motivation.

Or both. Hopefully things will look brighter in the morning. (There will be a test I have not studied for and a paper that I have not written because I worked all weekend. I'm just going to bed. I don't care anymore.)
nocturnal I have such a better opinion of college since I switched majors. even last week and the weeks before that, when I knew I was going to switch, knew what I was going to switch to, I still had some floating negativity about being here. but now it's final. I have direction, I have a plan. and it's gonna kick ass from here on out. college rocks and everyone who doesn't go, for whatever reason, is seriously missing out. I didn't learn so much about myself last year, but this year I learn something new about myself or about people or about life in general every day. some of it I think I'd rather not know, but, as Emil Faber says, "Knowledge is Good." it's true of any kind of knowledge. the more you know about anything at all, the better equipped you are to deal with it, regardless of how hard it was to learn. I'm seriously so grateful to be able to go here, because I know a lot of people can't because of financial issues, or personal problems and I think every day how lucky I am that I can be here, doing EXACTLY what I want with such little hassle. I am so lucky. I am also such a slacker. I have a test tomorrow. a philosophy test, my new major. I've been on a study break for almost 3 hours now. I'm going to read more about surrogacy, cloning, and abortion issues. endless fun. HOOK 'EM! 011028
Norm There's more beer and sex in college than in high school??? Holy lord almighty in heaven, I can only dream of that much beer and sex. It must be like a huge druken orgy 126 hours a week. I can't wait, I can't wait!! 011028
yoink it's great to see the youth of america shaping up and following their dreams of success and adventure (see previous blathe) 020109
j_blue arbitrary 020109
Arwyn I can't exactly say I enjoy it... I can't exactly say i hate it either. Just a generally fun pain in the arse. 020110
Tim? Fraternity.
Fuck chicks and drink beer.
Miffey she goes to Shepard college of all places!
What's the luck?
lady lunchbox it's shepherd college...
and i go there.

i like it here.
people are nice, classes aren't too bad, and it's not too far from home. that means i can go home every few weeks for a good home-cooked meal, so i don't always have to eat that damn nasty cafeteria food.
only two more years left. and i never thought i'd make it this far.
Miffey hehe
not you, sweetheart.
that's the irony.
angie I visited a college i am interested in this weekend. It was fun. I think I'll have fun. I think it is a step I am happy to take. I think... 020310
little wonder it's funny how almost a year later,
i'm planning on going to the college that i got my only packet on as of last year.
since then i've gotten 2 or 3 others [many colleges obviously feel i will be a good addition to their school]
i should mention one of those is from a college i asked to get information on.
another was one that my grandmother forced me into visiting and while i was there, they gave me this little card to fill out and it had no little box i could check that said "DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING".
i also still plan on double majoring in art and psych, which surprises me a great deal...and maybe it will actually happen.

i love my school so much and i've only visited there once.
i love it even more when my mom talks about her old college days up there.
[so excited]
misstree *begins to feel friggin' ancient*
considering going back to college... not university, college, as in community... taking some damn business classes so's i can put some steel toes on my job-stomping boots.
Syrope i'm going. soon. i'm excited. NC State. Engineering. Freedom. Independence. Learning. Support. Opportunity. Memories....yes, memories. I can't wait to gloss over the past 18 horrible years with that cure-all ointment...*the passage of time* 020416
unhinged i remember when i thought college was going to chase away all the gloom. all i found in college was drugs and razorblades. 020416
CJ college is never what you think it will be. I don't know anyone that has gone to college or is still in college that has not changed in some aspect of their life. College for me has opened my mind and my views and I have realized that drugs, beer and time to slack off when you should be working are abundant. The one thing that isn't is the knowledge of what you will go through once you are there. 020416
Syrope anything is better than here. i've resisted dying long enough to look forward to what everyone sees as a borish disappointment. i'm going to be a college nerd and love every minute. i can't wait. 020417
daxle hey former self, it only took 3 years... but it was still worthless like you suspected 020829
eklektic before you leave you say you want to go to angel falls with me so you can act extra gay. then you invited me up to school for a visit sometime. i dont know about the visit. but i'll let you be gay all you want. 020830
lo i'm finally ready for the jump into this new life experience...ready to learn and apply myself...i finally "found" myself...spent a few years trying to figure out hey what the hell do i want to do? getting my wildness out my irresponsibilty..aligned myself with reality...i don't want to waste my college time i want to soak up every bit of thought and knowledge.want to get the knowhow so i can get to the place i want to be. life without learning can be so bland. i kept learning on my own but i want some formal learning. i really really hope college doesn't end up disappointing...i would be so sad if it is really like high school like so many people say. i need mental stimulation a challenge i need to learn something new..... 020830
girl_jane "You'll have to teach me how to use msn before you go to college so I can sit here, and you can sit there or there and we can talk."

"Ok, but that's a year away, Mom."


I'm the youngest child. I think she's getting sad and trying to hold on to me. Maybe that's why she grounded me.
Kate Dear Megan,
Thank you for being excited when I called tonight. I'm taking your absence well. Of course you would leave, because you aren't being challenged. I am glad that you thought out your reasons; you articulated them well. I'm not hurt that you didn't tell me yesterday, or angry, or really sad. Just matter-of-fact. Because even though sometimes we didn't connect, or recently we missed opportunities to, I still love you and I have all those wonderful memories of two and three years ago when we were best friends. Everything makes perfect sense- now you can graduate early, and go to Ohio Northern, and study chemistry indepth. I pray that you won't miss out on what's important in life, although I know that our ideas of what that is are different. I will miss you, dear Megan Sweet.

Love always,
blue star so far, it's kind of boring... 020905
Syrope i love it here 020905
phil I run a college out of my parents basement
whatever that means
sweetheart of the song tra bong brand new
I seriously like it
Except I don't know how to deal with these boys at night.
Ant - Berklee College of Music Rocks!!!! 030202
Eowithien Something that I fear and love. 030219
mo i try not to let my schooling impare my education 030219
minnesota_chris haha or your spelling either! Shine on you crazy misspeller!

After linguistics class I went out into the unusually warm night. I strolled across campus to my car and breathed the night air. And for the first time in 10 years, I felt entirely in place. Like I belonged at college again.

Hee hee maybe it's because I'm really short on sleep, and kinda stressed and behind on homework. That's the feeling I was missing.
night i'm going to college next year. still not sure where yet, somewhere in D.C. hopefully. i want to get as far from home as possible so i won't be able to see my mother. i hope my experiance is half as exciting as all of the one's on this page seem to be. fun fun! 030220
Bespeckled Who's going where?

Me: Northeastern (Boston, MA)
screwing for virginity "collage is hard because you dont have to go to class"

today i have figured out why san antonio collage (my current school taking my $) is known as san pedro high (other than its being on san pedro)... the people in my freshman comp course was bitching about haveing to read a passage from budhist scriptures. it sounded just like all the people bitching about haveing to read the difficult and long (oooh, a whole 10 pages) passage for class. i hate those people.
scomitmo no brother around
easy beer cram weed
talk fail hurt
big exam loud jock
long nap
naked drunk boy
hottie woman
my home

live college
jane thought i'd be drinking more
i don't have time to drink
the dity is full of people
to get drunk on
jane dity=city 030910
Jezus Completely useless. You go in thinking you're gonna end up richer and happier, you come out poorer and sadder. You forget 95% of everything you learned. That 'little piece of paper' means nothing. Then you turn on the TV and see morons like Eminem with everything they could ever want, simply by writing a crappy poem and adding techno to it. What a waste of time and money. 031013
jane aw don't ruin my journey 031013
Erin brought out the best inside of me 031123
girl_jane Stephens College...I love my school. 031124
sc college comes after four years and i wont escape it and i dont want to if i wanted to i could. but i dont. and theres a niggling thought that i do too. but i dont. niggering thought, heh. 031218
anathar Where to go
What to take
How hard to work
Where to stay
So many questions!!!
nemo mizzou...? two weeks...? wha.....? 040810
nemo mizzou...? two weeks...? wha.....? 040810
zanna i start in almost a week.

i feel like i need to puke.
pete a week till this tortourous thing we call summer school ends, then three weeks til i start second year in the college of the humanities 040811
Asai i missed classes... again...

GOD! I suck at college
UCONN chick I waste so much time on my computer at college and I just want to get shitfaced this weekend soooo badly. I want to be shitfaced with a lot of people. YEAH UCONN! Fuck I'll never be cum laude at least. Shit. 040916
falling_alone our majors came up again in discussion. and while everyone around me was pursuing the same field mine faces a different path.

"wow thats really risky...why would you do that..."

because i love it, maybe?
because i'm not interested in being stuck in a monotonous life like you are bound to be.
because i want the risk.
do you honestly think you will get anywhere in life if you don't take the chance...

i didnt say that, it seemed a bit harsh.

watch them become rich and rub it in my face. it doesn't help that no one in my family supports my choice. and they are convinced of where i am going to go, which makes me want to diverge again and scream "i'm not going there just to spite you. hah."
Zoe before i went to college my sister gave me some very good advise. she hated her college and spent four years dreading school. she went to the same high school as me. she said that everyone tells you that college will be the best years of your life, and it might be true for some people, others' best years will be when they're married, or have kids, or are grandparents. she said her best years were high school, and mine would probably be too (we went to an awesome high school). she said that i needed to go into college expecting to have fun, but not expecting it to be the best years of my life. i found that going into my college like that was good. it is so different from my high school. everyone here is so rich and white. i have found a niche of friends though now that i love, and i am having a blast. i would like to advise everyone not to have any pre-concieved notions about college, it won't be like you expected, just go into it with an open mind and you'll be fine. 041130
money.iseverything school of thought is
college gets you a job
a life
a wife
a kid
a car
all its given me is a drug addiction
and an empty pocket
tombe_seul sigh...i'm going there.
not that its a bad thing
but is it what i want?
x twisted x so far college has meant more than all of high school...which is something im very happy to leave behind. i love it here. :) JMU '09 060122
devilbunny I always thought that the stupidest part of the US educational system was the way we just shipped high school grads off to college and said, "Okay, now pick what you want to do for the rest of your life." It's total crap. Like you are going to know what you want to do with your life at 18?

I dropped out of college at 19 after realizing that I had no clue what I wanted to do. I went back at 22 and I now have some glimmer of an idea as to where I want to direct my career.
Ouroboros It is snowing and death bugs me
as stubborn as insomnia...

pSyche When I was younger, I never thought about what would happen in four months, or how life would be after another year had passed. But now, I find myself on the edge of a panic attack, wondering where I'll be in three years, and if I'll be happy with what I've chosen.

College scares me, because I don't want it to be this place where the people around me are only worrying about where next party is, and who is sleeping with who. And i know, i know, not everyone is like that... but... there's that little voice of fear that dwells in me. The first day of a college will be a happy birthday. I say that sarcastically, of course.
I_have_no_words anymore. Only confusing emotion.
pete psyche, there will be people who think like that, to be sure, but i'm just as sure that there'll be even more who don't and think in their own weird and wonderful ways. in fact you can go your entire college career barely even dealing with those folks if you play your cards right, and only rolling with the cool kids (a.k.a. unconcerned nerds and the like) 070728
pSyche that soothes me a little. I've never been that good at card games though. It's good to hear from someone besides my mother that it isn't just a place where Everyone wants to whore around.
thank you.
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who go