hotmatty It's a black fly in your Chardonnay It's a death row pardon two minutes too late It's like rain on your wedding day It's a free ride when you've already paid It's the good advice that you just didn't take A traffic jam when you're already late A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife It's meeting the man of my dreams And then meeting his beautiful wife 980819
drew uhh... i think you're talking about bad luck, not irony. another informative tidbit from moi. 980828
duh... alanis (noun) A sort of humor, ridicule, or light sarcasm, which adopts a mode of speech the meaning of which is contrary to the literal sense of the words. 980831
jeff it's like badly written pop songs being played on once-decent radio stations. it's like a million and one Hanson fans flooding message boards with misspelled words and overuse of capitalization. actually, it's nothing like that. but that just came to mind. 980905
Stine there are different types of irony. there is the irony of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that's situational irony. then there's the irony of being on stage with frank sinatra and he calls you by name, but it's the wrong name. i guess that's situational irony too. 980905
caine it's like how everyone complains that the music scene is going down the tubes, when anyone who's anyone knows it's been like that ever since Dylan perfected the rock and roll song in the late sixties. 980905
caty I mean, how many times have you sat in a traffic jam and you hate it because you're late and like *pow* you go, "Wow, I'm here in this traffic jam and I hate it because I'm late, this is really ironic."
Ooo boggle. What were you thinking when those lines came up girl!
[marissa] shakespeare.

and that's all i have to say.
Norm A buzzard circles slowly in the sky and suddenly falls dead to the ground. Now that's irony. 000103
amy my fences once were therapy. 000203
old hick The stray dog walked up to the house dog.
The house dog wonders, "Is he being ironic?"
SomeoneElse My fortune cookie says:
Physical attraction comes with a meeting of the minds.
Isn't it ironic..?
The Schleiffen Man i can post here, why can't you?

cause it's ironic
splinken "rely a bit to heavily on alcohol and irony.." 001011
unhinged "the king reigns free in his little house and all is right with the world...
the thing about our love is it just makes me feel so goddamn stupid...
love is blind trust
love is rejection"

to hear those words come out of your mouth

now that's fucking ironic

(the depths of my pain not even conceivable at the time)
sabbie my friend julie introduced me to
my friend irony:
a glittery bowler hat with legs

my friend irony
used to follow us around all the time
and i remember that day
when we were sitting side by side
at that cafe
not quite touching
totally focused on each other
with things unsaid
and how
my friend irony
squished between us
and ordered a chocolate spider.
Jason Hart One level of irony and sarcasm just isn't enough anymore... when being sarcastic about something I can no longer use pure sarcasm, I can only be sarcastic about my use of sarcasm because the use of sarcasm itself has become so trite now that it has become the norm.

Society now is a parody of itself, and I only feel able to parody the parody. Lately its been worse, to me a parody of parody has now become commonplace and I am only able to mock my own meta-parody. This 3rd level of irony now threatens to fold back in upon itself and become trite.

There is an infinite chain of irony growing, and reality shrinks ever further in the distance.
Zola and Nola ha ha
serves you right.
Norm I've got a lot to say about this... 011220
ClairE What blood and metal bars taste like. 011220
carne de metal I remember once
I was camping in the mountains
It started snowing and it had been raining...firewood was wet.
had to burn my gloves.
phil norm, let's hear it.
I think you have them by the balls.
a cow getting hit by an asteroid seems a bit ironic, with the whole cow jumped over the moon thing.
Reincarnation must be real ironic.
Falling 20 stories and smashing in the concrete, then FOOm, you're a bird.
bethany when i was about 13, or whenever reality bites came out
i remember memorizing the definition of irony - justincase - ethan hawke came by and was looking for some one to shack up with
the two used in all the wrong places
for all the wrong reasons
by all the wrong faces
causing all the educated around
to want to do something
very wrong indeed
phil today 020729
blown cherry the only one who can make me better
is the one who poisoned me in the first place
IAN a free ride when you've already paid is just unlucky
rain on your wedding day is fairly probable
ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife is ridiculous hyberbole. it's never gonna happen, unless you work in a spoon factory.

maybe the real irony in that alanis morisette song is that ironically nothing in the song is actually ironic.
girl_jane 989819 there's a link for Irony (yes with a capital I) but it doesn't work... 030314
girl_jane excuse me- 980819 030314
DavesHeroinGirl Literal irony is the funniest. Indeed we did stop for tea. 030417
god set up the irony board, maw. 030529
a sweet girl *sigh*

Ambience Its kind of entertaining that in the song 'Ironic' there isnt one example of irony. Its all coincidence, or bad luck as stated above. 030607
a sweet girl agreed.

it's ironic that the song, 'ironic', contains no actual examples of irony at all.
misstree bends over for the Big Man it's how the Universe lets you know that it's It poking you in unconfortable places rather than just bad luck.

For lo, the Universe has a sense of humor, and a dark dark humor it is.
power trip my autobiography would be worthless 031029
falling_alone ...a concept i will never fully understand. i will have to rely on jillian the rest of my life to determine whether or not the situation is ironic even tho the concept is not fully understood that ironic? she said it might be... 031207
oldephebe ironic = the Simpsons' 040229
eskimos friend "it's not ironic; it's just coincidental" = bender, futurama 040301
edwarddebozo you know that song "All of me"? It's good to sing it to someone who just doesn't understand irony. So you change the word and instaed sing: "Irony, why not use Irony, can't you see I don't mean what I'm saying..." 040301
thunderbuck ram I have this big metal gate outside my house. It's very irony. 040824
hates_housework iron. why? 050320
rage after all that time messing round and getting messed round by you, we were finally in one of those situations i always wanted to be in. to bad i felt nothing. it was finally good, perfect, yet i just wasn't interested in anymore. fates fucked up. in an ironic kinda way. 050320
flexible delicious. 050320
oren It_is illegal to purchase or consume Jack Daniel's Whiskey in_the town in which it_is produced. 060426
superleni the birth and death of a person coinciding with both the birth and death of a planetary status are unexpected enough to be ironic ... we have two coincidences, which might just manage to become one irony.
hell, i'm all for one word! ack?
Ack ACK ack!
Less arguing, more hitting.
LoverOfLight Irony's bitch took the hand of the president of The Good Intentions Paving Company
And off they went into the heart of Chaos
Jurisprudence Was it you Irony who listened to my murmurs into the pillow at night?

Did you see me filling with Joy and wonder what all I might do if you gave me my heart's wish?

In my ears and in my hands I've been given all I asked for and it frightens me
I don't want to fail
no reason you can be friends with someone you cared about who treated you like shit but you can't be friends with someone you cared about who you treated like shit

ain't human nature fun
unhinged when we expected something to turn out opposite of the way it really went down

everything is equally beautiful
no reason my throat is so sore i want to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeam 110516
FA113N In a discussion with my best friend:

"You know how I know how psycho [my ex] was? Because I am now in love with a woman who has a boyfriend, and my life is now LESS complicated and stressful."
(z) (nothing is ironic) 130205
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