ArtificialStupidity smash! smash everything! yeah! break it good, break! yes burn! destroy, make dead and smash into little iddy biddy peices.
silentbob the way she looked that night and i told her she did too. she thanked me and didnt take me seriously, but i was honest. 010421
me s
s h
e d
yummychuckle this word reminds me of someone throwing a sheet of thin wood around and breaking it up...
at the same time, there is some rich english guy standing in front of a fireplace in a mansion during a party, saying the word.
gatorbabe smashing baby, yeah... although the thought of smashing a baby with a sledgehammer did cross my mind, i don't know where it came from! leave me alone... do not disturb... already currently so. 020417
Daria smashing pumpkins
Doesn't anybody think about them anymore?
Eva Adore
Melon collie and the infinite sadness
I think I'm living in the past.
lycanthrope can make it last forever you...can make it last forever you....

smashing...simply smashing. The way a bottle splinters from wholeness to lots of little wholeness...and in such a pretty sound...the breaking of the confederacy of glass makes such a lovely sound, one last agreement they last agreement....and then more smashing, untill we're tired
filzkugel you breake it, you buy it! 021012
marjorie pumpkins.

billy is god.
what's it to you?
who go