typhoid i'm just sittin in the fireplace
burnin up my time.
Nikolette Why would I sit in the fireplace? Getting all hot and bothered about my time burning. When it's my fault my time is burning. Because I was sitting in a fireplace. What was I doing sitting in a fireplace? Wouldn't I rather sit in the chair across from the fireplace? That way I could move if it got too hot, or get closer if I got too cold. Whereas, if I'm sitting in the fireplace, I'm stuck there, and I can't even move when it gets too hot because I've burned off my legs. Okay, now, that's just too gross. 010208
cletus nikolette,
are you the nikolette of Ann Arbor fame?
Nikolette No, I'm not. Sorry. 020510
yes no yes no yes no i'd like to jump in, no_indeed. 020913
megan romantic... sheesh.. it's all i think about anymore 021124
yenaldlosi hearthstones and embers, the warm bricks even at the top of the chimney 021125
celestias shadow time for cuddles! 030905
Shattered We never had that cute little farm house
Never had that fireplace
Never got to hold each other
Sweaty and naked after making love
All night long

These are the things I will regret,
even long after I die.
hsg c o z y
so co... zzz... zzz.... (sleep)
LoverOfLight Fireplace
Overhead fan
The Adams family black & white re runs

With tortured minds
And crooked grins
Sweat and sighs
Scars and inked skin
what's it to you?
who go