jennifer I am the one who is very friendly, outspoken, oft times funny, and everyone wants to be my friend...

yet, at every party, I am the one who is all those things and alone
nameless a mad tea party 991218
Quintessensual time! 991218
the mad hatter FRESH CUP! 000110
Stephen Carmichael Party! Krazy guys, come on, us people in Euroland know how to have a K R A Z Y PARTY. We are bonkers here in de Nederlands, only today I was down in Rotterdam and my friend Hans, he said;

"This GABBER HARDCORE is KRRRRAAAAZZZYYY. We are so mad, everyone says so."

Splinken she invited me to the party, knowing i'd most likely say no. i asked for the directions, knowing i wouldn't go. i'm good at that: saying i'll be there and not showing up.

she'll tell him i've gained weight, probably. and he'll laugh. and she'll say i'm quieter now and he'll be surprised. a hollow victory for him. i guess he deserves one after i stopped calling him back.
unhinged i'm going to through a party....i got promoted today. to principal second violin. i get a nifty little title under my name in the program. finally, a little recognition for a job i did all last year without the title. someone had to do it. 010116
bell r The party in my mind has left.
There is no band, no drink, no motion.
Just the mess left by those who have frequented.
shiva What everyone else does on a day off. 010404
SaxyWeed Its like theres a party in my pants and everyones invited!! 010522
nemo parties are really depressing for me 010605
ClairE They always suck.

Mine are good but I am left behind.

Last time I saw Adam and Lisa talking, easily, naturally, and thought over the past six years, and fell in love with them.

I laid my head on this one's shoulder and hugged this one goodbye and kissed this one on the cheek.

I was eighteen.
Invisible Butterfly PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! 020601
the hogfather i hate parties. they are just not me. i always find a quiet place to sit by myself. 021215
me "ooh isnt' that a pretty sun
setting in a pretty sky
shall we stay and watch it darken?"
the party will be boring anyway
ishot50cemt parties are nothing buy trouble
social gatherings
are the way to go
ishot50cent hey i just typed some shit and it put something else other than what i wrote 030914
miss p used to squat in big old empty buildings, and hold huge parties... can remember thinkin about how i had cleaned dogshit off the floor so people could dance without getting it on their shoes, why would that occur to me? 031128
miss kirsty and the colour and the music's too loud and my head's all the wrong size. 040104
reue i hate them
afraid i won't have a good time, isn't that what parties are for?
i'm afraid of what could happen there, what i could do or what others could do.
i get nervous sometimes and afterwards i think back and ask why?
nothing went wrong there, i had a good time. i know the answer, i just hate to face the fact. something could have happened. i'm waiting for it, like a thunderstorm. i'm tired of getting hurt. there have been plenty of signs that its possible. unnerved and dispairing. i'm tired of waking up and staring at grey skies. stung by people and things throughout the day. i've done it before, all to long. i won't allow it to happen agian. but i teeter unbalanced for the possibility that it won't happen. who can have that bad of karma? i'm afraid i do and i don't even know why. do i ask for it? or is it all just coincidence?
fire gives you warmth, but it can also burn you. should you run away or embrace it?
... black and red - party
red red black red black black
amy the absolute best word i reckon... party conjures so many funny, exciting, embarassing, beautiful memories. as a little child, fun and games, and as a stupid teen, drunken kisses and flirting, but still it doesn't matter how old you are, parties never stop being fan-bloody-tastic! 050122
the_vigilantist i've got better things to do

although the occasional party is fun. but when you're the only sober one, its a little boring...

but i remeber being at parties, and being the only sober one, sitting on a counch, watching the antics with a cup of coke, and laughing at people with my freinds...and then locking eyes with the only other sober girl at the party...when thats the case, you have no choice to say hi. it may be alittle boring to be the only sober dude, but you meet the most geniune girls when sober. and...YOU REMEBER THEIR NAMES!!!
Sakhalin is Magnifique PARTY ON SAKHALIN TUNITE! 060309
jio jio 100215
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