Bill The Food and Agriculture Organization of
the United Nations reports that, in 1999, 790 million people in the Third World are undernourished, and 34 million in First and Second World nations
also do not have enough to eat. Although the number of undernourished people has dropped by 40 million since 1996, a decline of 8 million a year, the world will not be able to meet the 1996 World Food Summit goal of reducing the number of starving people to about 400 million
in 2015.

As if 400 million starving people, even if it could be achieved, would be acceptable?
Max i know a movie star,
or is that two.
that doesn't matter much
unless you'd like it too?

dripping off the roof the stinging rain flies
i can catch a couple of drops.
should i go outside
wouldn't that be nice or is that grand?

the long decembers on the western front
don't matter if you sit at home with homer.
the same one that can write a poem a day for you,
or is that a poem at a hillside about the year?

where kryptonite kills supermen
and planes sail the air with dead engines
karma slaves hunt for the splashes in the grass
is that what you would like?

the frequency of things as supernatural as tears
can crawl up on the most awry a man.
demerol can ease the fear
and just maybe those uncertainties can be a fantasia.

And there are days when nothing is going to happened
Like when you switch to glide
And let cruise control run the laps with just a smile
Freeing me to change mind and look at you.

my girlfriend broke up with me, ironic.
Nine Volt Jesus a case of ice cream treats
and chocolate candies
left on the leather upholstery in a black car in the midst of an Arizona summer

Stop me, oh-oh-oh, stop me
Stop me if you think
That you've heard
This one before
santy claws smooth headstone rain-cold grey shadows surround the matted filthy wet drab fur coming out in clumps from the oozing fetid flesh. a look to the gutter.... used tampons and syringes, shitty diaper and broken plastic children's toys 010427
santy claws dead baby headlines every day. no hope of warm dry relief, only cold spasm cramps of gnawing hunger and nausea with bleak grey drizzle despair at best. ten trillion miles from a home long dead. pain becomes comfort. death is near. 010720
frangelica it sure is.
especially when *no one* understands...
crazyPUNKkait all my frieds wonder why i am depressed sometimes. im not always depressed i get moodswings they think im so screwed up.......... i guess i am 021208
ditzy_goth_gurl University scientist D.A. Winfield described sight deprivation experiments in which ten-day-old kittens had their eyes stitched closed. One of the animals died after 6 months, never having seen daylight. 030225
joey certainly can be. it is at the moment 091004
three words pretty_pictures flippity_floppity depressing 100415
ungreat Well now that my briefly puffed sail is now totally deflated, I guess I can go back to self loathing? Awesome!

I swear I feel like I'm never going to financially get out of this hole. And all I keep thinking is that they can't collect if I'm dead. How optimistic am I huh?

I love how I have a big fight, make up, worry about bills, get a big refund only to find out it's not a drop in the barrel. Awesome right? All within the last 20 hours.
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