Spete Still gitta ribbon, though. 000505
daanuh or a bronze trophy / plaque / medal etc... 001114
Alexander Beetle What a grand idea. Let's have everyone in the elementary school compete in various races and fun games. What a grand idea. Yeah, to everyone but the students. Even the winners hated it. Me, I always finished fourth. I was okay with it. Then they had one event where they were one person short, so they switched me into it, just so I'd have something other than a fourth-place ribbon to take home. Yeah, THAT made me feel better. Thanks a lot. 010629
sargatanas The third and final beast 011129
no the third and final stooge 020112
kelli crane third strike!
you're out!!!
thisthatandthe Sara said I shouldn't feel
like a third wheel
when I'm with her and Michael.
I laughed and whirled away by unicycle.
Lough prying open my third eye...... 021214
Tool rocks third_nipple 040112
emily my ex always refered to his penis as his third leg.... 040213
Syrope dad always told me to avoid third shift because it's so hard to get back on a sleeping schedule...but it's not staying awake and getting to sleep that's the problem

it's just so lonely. when i'm just there by myself, there's nothing to keep me from finding out things about myself that i never wanted to know.

which, that could be very helpful and educational if i had someone to talk to before i went to sleep. people always say its a good idea to sleep on things so you can decide the next day, but sleeping on something, or going to sleep wondering about something, makes it very real to me. very permanent. very worst case. but no one's ever awake. i can't stay up waiting...i get too tired. and most of the morning people i know i wouldn't want to talk to anyway.

most of the time i have plenty to keep me busy and then none of this is an issue, but early this morning i found myself completely free to sit, and think...and you treated last night so cheerfully, and you know i don't bring up things that are important to me til a little after they happen

i used to be able to sleep to escape, but i can't sleep lately, at all. there's an article in this month's cosmo about it, and i'm going to try what they suggest, but if i don't listen to my brain & try to hear it out, no one else is. no one else ever does.
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