amy pam said that writing her second book of short stories was like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and skiing from her place to you was similar experience for me, although probably a lot more fun. All except for the jump, which was really scary. and so i wonder about pam...did she really do that alone? 991225
ferret no, nobody is ever alone, God is always there. 030524
malik what proof do u have that there is a god 040512
Q I surely can't speak for God.

But speaking for myself, God surely wasn't there.

If I could, I'd put a happy face here.
Oh well! LOL
god no, i didn't do shit. i guess she did it all herself. 041003
sameolme It was a barrel full of monkeys that gave the bottom of the barrel such a bad rep.. 071208
what's it to you?
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