riot rational, in mathematics anyhow. 000113
daxle I feel cheated. I always had the idea in the back of my head that when you became 18, you were no longer a teenager, no longer presumed to do reckless, immature, and stupid things frequently. Then I think about the people who live near me, and it's really no surprise. And part of me hates saying things like that, because I might as well be proclaiming my superiority. But I almost wish everyone would have a childhood tradgedy, so they would begin to think seriously about their lives. I don't know. I don't know anything. 000403
Brad Pat Metheny Group, "Offramp," ECM records, 1983. Grammy award winner: best fusion jazz performance. 000403
Tiffa I dont really want to turn 18, because then i am SUPPOSED to be an adult, and things just dont work like that. I'm also excited because then i get to go into the Air Force. *shrugs* 010521
who i am doesnt matter anymore They make it seem like now i need to know what im doing with my life, i still feel like im 14. nothings changed. just the buildings i walk into and the people im around. 031019
minnesota_chris you spent the night with your boy... that's pretty grown up, isn't it? 031020
Death of a Rose days left 031020
RedDragon Pissy Chrissy C. loves Scotty W. and they both like mikes.
They have girlfriends for a charade but really like kissing each other best.

Maybe Kerry likes Jeff better than June, if you know what I mean.
lou_la_belle I'm turning 18 in 3 days.
it feels like a milestone
but i know it wont be
thats the way it always is
the things that should be important
always end up second place
to something that at the time
seems quite insignificant
but in the end
becomes the world to you
zanna 3 days after i turned 18 i met him. thank god i was legal just in time .. 040810
Borealis would it have made a difference?
"legal just in time?"
andru235 argon

or, 6 + 6 + (5 + 1)
a real coming of age

BTW, 18 x 37 = six hundred, sixty si...

your superstition, not mine
why have you placed your dreaded number
as the highest common pricing?

for the human eye sees upside-down;
the brain flips it rightside-up;
how much does $9.99 cost, then?
what's it to you?
who go