silentbob What's pat short for?
Pat's short for paaa-a-a-aa-at. thats my little joke.
so--uh..did you always wanna be an accountant..even when you were a little....
why would *I* have the key to the ladies restroom...i'm not a supervisor!
I'll have you know i only date people of the opposite sex!
well are you seeing someone now?
Kris. Kriss will pick me up any minute.
Well i'd love to meet...Kris.
Oh there you are pat, ive been lookin for ya everywhere. I almost didn't make it such bad cramps! the stair master at the gym was killing me!

you guys are giving me the creeps get out of here.
moonshine You dirty fucking hippie, I love you. Tumbling in blankets in a dense forest. trickle juice, and smiles. Slap me with insults, twist tie pouches and dark chocolate. Agate around my neck, trade circle winners. Understated dreams, dogs ripping skirts at the seams. 000922
me i saw you but i wasnt with you
i want you but i havent met you
you know me and i know you
but we do not speak
i walk by you and we brush against one another
like a moment in a dream we turn and look at one another
but our lives go on and do not speak
i cant stand the lonliness
theres people all around me
but i cant stand your lonliness
when will we speak?
? ? 010524
bethany i hate this name
but we could slip away oh wouldn't that be better
me with nothing to say
and you in your autmn sweater
Mandijabster PAT IS LIKE THE COOLEST KID EVER! He is like, the coolest ORegonian i KNOW! actually, HES ONE OF THE ONLY ONES I KNOW! BUT STILL! He's a RAD kid!!!!! 031007
tyler waters my bain
for the time being
triplesix It's time for's PAT!!! 070206
what's it to you?
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