milo i work @ a local gym, i work in a office w/ a window looking into the "floor" - the working out area, it makes me feel like i'm a zoo for everyone who is working out can see me working in front my computer. there is no music in this office for the people that i work with - though nice most of the time - seem to be allergic to it. ironically, we're condemned to listen to the music that comes from the outside, the "floor". the current tune iscleaning out my closetby eminem. i could have survived that through ridiculous bursts of anguish and painok. but suddenly, some one, on of the monkeys in the "floor" began to sing along. i am fragile today due to karmic reason and his high pitched voice murdered away any hopes to make it through today. given the right reason, if justice needs to be acted upon, i could kill someone. now, where is my machete? 050203
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