birdmad space 010627
sykoze gravity's inexorable inward pull destroying all,
life ebbing out with every breath,
all creativity and spontaneity squeezed out twist by twist,
gritty texture in the bouncing ball,
distorted reality,
vision never to return,
all form lost,
all control gone,
mind a vast empty parking lot after after-christmas 6am-12pm shopping spree over,
flat coke dripping drop by drop on old molded cake crumbs in the cabinet,
focus realing about,
nothing real,
blue-grey varicose veins on the mauve walls,
pulsating, mesmerizing, ever morphing,
Norm They called me down to the office, concerned about why I hadn't been at school. When they asked I paused, confused because I didn't have an awnser. "Are you on drugs?" he asked politely...

"You mean right now?"(alcohol isn't a drug, alcohol isn't a drug)"No, of course not." I replied in a drunken haze.

"I meant in general" he frowned
"Oh, sorry..."
"Just come to school more often, okay, Jonathan?"

"Sir, can I go home I'm feeling ill."
stork daddy overheard a business woman saying to a business man (and heard his verbal nod of assent) the other in the morning - like a revelation, like they've actually thought about why they're there, like it's poetry - "cash is king and weather is queen." "cash drives us all" like they were saying i love you to each other. but then they shared vacation stories like something they got away with, a notch in their dress code belts. 040414
pheather sex at the office. my favorite indulgence. 040414
Lemon_Soda Not a cubicle, but its pretty small and I share it with my Mother and sister-in-law. I never thought I could have so much fun with my mom. Also, I've perfected a way of holding my head so it looks like I'm reading something, but I'm actually dozing.

But anyway.

My Desk is in the NW corner. It is a false pine(some kind of plastic, I forget what its called). On it are my laptop(a christmas gift from the parents) My printer(came with laptop) my Inbox(temporal vortex to the dimension of heck) my very own scotch tape dispenser(im so proud of it) and shrine of Love Trinkets in the corner. These trinkets are small, but very special to me. Each one represents the person who gave it too me and you don't make it into the Love Trinkets club unless you get my unconditional love for it. The trinkets(and if you know who gave them to me, yay, if you don't, sorry you wouldn't know them anyway) are a porcelin gargoylite, a polished marble egg, A tiny pewter tower on a slab of purple crystals, A tigress and her cub -or- a tiger and his midget lover, a red stone buddha, a spiro hand held game from McD's, and the ticket stub to Batman Begins. A small porcelin cheshire cat should be on my desk, too, but that person is already the only one who has two Love Trinkets here already. Cheshire is in my car on my dash board.

I like to look at them. They remind me of the people I've lived love with, all kinds, and hope to again someday. I had to fight to keep the Love Trinkets. Corporate said no to such things but I got my boss to make an exception since i explained they where my versions of pictures of loved ones, which are allowed.

You guys are with me and it pleases me. Whenever I need a smile, BAM, right there. Don't ever leave my head. I don't even charge you rent.
scott. mac i was thinking i should work in an office, so i could have windows that reflected my finacial status, at a hight right above the jumpers, we watch with our chins up ,knowing. 080812
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