lufwalnu One is never so naked as when dressed for a party. Everyone's aspirations are on view; everyone is hoping for something; everyone is trying to look their most beautiful.

Guess what? I'm about to start dressing for a party.

Anyone want to be my guest?
daanuh when i was little i always pulled my dress over my head. i dont think you want me at your party 001114
Thyartshallshant I always pulled my dress over my head too. Too bad all the girls laughed at me and the boys thought I was a girl because of what was going on underneath. 010107
kx21 up, Down, topless, naked, ...

But NUDE, the Natural Covering Prevails.
Sintina an article of clothing that I do not like. I have worn several (Sunday school when I was a child brings back painful memories), but I never liked it.

to cover oneself so that the world can not see. Because noone really wants to see unless they're a lesbian or a guy who just walks past and says "damn".
Sintina an article of clothing that I do not like, I have worn several of them (Sunday school brings back painful memories), but I never enjoyed the experience.

to cover oneself so the world can not see. Because noone really wants to see unless they're a lesbian or a guy who just passes by and says "damn".
oh pee um she wore it again
that little black number
with the slit up the side
if i had an ass like that
i wouldn't have to think
for a living
misstree either tight, constricting like a snake's unshed skin, clinging to portray the impression of something that otherwise might sleep dormant

or loose and flowing, leaving me free in the summer's stifling heat, "hey hippie chick" brings a careless smile to my lips as i sway.
Skull And so it flows, wrapped around her. Briefly showing the contour of her beauty, the wind snaps the edges to and fro. She smiles is a relaxed nod, the wind blowing her hair. She is beautiful. She is strong. 010930
Claire My friend told me how in Spanish class studying articles of clothing revealed the boys' ignorance of the difference between a dress and a skirt.

"How are we supposed to remember the difference?"

Every once in a while you get shocked into remembering you see the world through your eyes, and no one else can.
ClairE Yeah, that previous blathe is how *ClairE* feels. 011218
Miffey the dress was amazing. Floor length, dark, like her hair. Long, like her hair.

And she made it, like her hair. Beautiful, and flowing.

It haunts my dreams, like her hair. And I have her phone number :)
starry eyes my blue dress
twas as though my iniquity were sewn into a garment
made vile
for all to see
a whore's robe, that dress
wrapping me in filth
proloning my dreams of worthlessness
i hate you, blue dress
User24 I wore a dress once. 030622
Susan Browne see her walk down the street. hear the click under her feet. observe her curveless gait. question her height and her weight. her stained lips seem out of place. her makeup is on the wrong face. she's a zombie in stilettos. she's a daisy in the meadow.

she is he is she is he ... is she?
:_) he barely noticed me in the red dress i picked out so carefully. what would have to do, turn the siren on? make it start bleeding? i felt invisible. 040217
flyonthewall dress!? why would you do that? 040217
Jairus if no one else dressed..
i wouldent either(id feel free & comfortible)
puredream I own my wedding dress. Strange no? 040726
newme this summer suit is old and faded 040726
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