Boogaloo Wuthering Heights is a cool book.
Just read it if you haven't yet.
yoink i read it. the air is cold down here. 010426
god i_got_a_cat_named_tonya 010426
*Ziima* I'm kinda short. 5'2. So I dont have the gift of height, but atleast I dont have a bruised up forehead. 010612
Inanna I am 5'9", and that is fine with me.
I can usually see great at concerts.
I may have bruised a few short people's foreheads in the moshpit though. At the Vanderbilt Estate in Biltmore NC, I had to duck to get in a few doorways!
As we evolve, people get taller. The average height for a man or woman in the past was much shorter than it is today. I wonder if those 7'0'' basketball players have to have customized beds.
little fury bug

the world is much too big for a little girl like me
princess 5'5"3/4
just like my nana
bespeckled we're the same height.
we fit perfectly together in bed.
i don't wear heels during the day.
Kate Wuthering Heights was an amazing book. I was very glad when it ended happily.

So he's picking me up at 4:30. My pre date plans? Painted toenails? Check. I've already tried on my dress about 10 times since I bought it two days ago. All that's left to do is fix my hair, floss, and most importantly, review Russian history. Where do I ever find these guys? I should remember our heighth comparisons from the play, when I was wearing the shoes, but I can't. I'm almost positive that you are taller than me in them.

Tracee, I've been going mad without you this week, I so needed your emotional help in preparation for this! I hope you're having a wonderful time at camp, and that all your dances and songs go well!
GibbyPhD The height of fervor, in the wee hours, my lips affixed to yours
The force behind our kiss is strong, searching and groping for the honesty of the raw moment
Tongue to tongue, hands on form, reaching down inside and caressing my soul.
I want you, I need you, I must consume you whole, but ah the restraint
These are the hurried thoughts that race through my mind at this heightened point
Truth, Belief, Light, Dark, Laughing Children, Crashing Waves, Butterflies and Bumble Bees
I know neither up nor down, fear nor wroth, right nor wrong
I only know the single extraordinary feeling, the essence I breathe in from you
I want everything and yet I want nothing… complexities and moralities co-inside
Desires and virtues compound to form light, a pure and inner light glowing and lighting my way,
Albeit not foretelling the whole story, only holding the warmth from one minute to the next
Oh that splendid inner light, which appears from the height with you I gain,
This is what happens, when two souls touch but alas I fear in vain
minnesota_chris Height has such an impact on appearance, especially among men. I remember walking with my brother, who at the time looked just like me except about a head taller. People would glance at me, and LOOK at him. 030826
8 ~ Justice the tall ones seemed to tower
the short ones, though, refused to cower
the question everyone wanted to know
was How can I grow? How can I grow?
the heightless winds whispered the secret:
Focus your mind...
and grow now in Spirit!
what's it to you?
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