Shar is just a number.
It doesn't equal normal.
But if average = abnormal, would you mind?
Brad c 000620
whirligirl b, these days. 000620
ailbh sometimes I feel so.
as if everyone is more, better, something-er.
I would just like to be great at *something*, it doesn't matter what.
ClairE a clean solution to a melange

an answer

a resting place

only its finality satisfies
Eowithien (the nameless thing) something i despise and not because i'm not that. i would never want to be it. 030219
dr the mean mean 030430
mellon wisher always the longing to be average or normal... just to hit the standard...
we want to look like everyone around us and everyone around us wants to look like everyone around them.
but what are we supposed to look like and why
what's it to you?
who go