silentbob If a band ever finds that it is not giving their best effort and playing at the edge of their abilities at all times, then they are not playing the kind of music that they should be playing."

- Patrick T. Daly, Oxford, UK (taken from the liner notes of "The Shape of Punk to Come")

This philosophy, placed in the context of hardcore music, is what makes Refused so unique. Complex rhythms, hardcore rage, political activism and a dose of experimental sonic confusion all smashed together to create a seamless ball of energy.

And this shit is STILL catchy! But this ain't no pop record. There are twelve songs on "The Shape of Punk to Come", and not one dud. Refused have set themselves apart by fuelling their collective creativity with the tension that is inherent in the band environment. With five creative forces using the whole to satisfy each of their own creative desires, there is potential for failure here. Fortunately, there is enough unity in the vision to turn tension into energy.

Lyrically speaking, Refused delves heavily into the political arena. Their Anarchist stance becomes clear in "The Deadly Rhythm", when they ask, "Is it our duty to die for governments and for gods? / Is it our privilege to slave for market and industry? / Is it our right to follow laws set to scare and oppress? / Is it our gift to stay in line and will it take away the blame? / We can no longer pay the price / We'll get organized / We will no longer believe that working for you will set us free."

Stretching beyond the political arena and into the area of personal motivation, they attempt to light a fire under your ass in "Summer Holidays vs. Punk Routine" by saying, "We're all tired of dying / So sick of not trying / Scared that we might fail / We'll accomplish nothing / Not even failure."

On this, their third full-length, Refused have created a real winner. "The Shape of Punk to Come" is the next messiah of punk! Watch for Refused to come to the US to destroy your town!
Zarundin The band I'd been waiting for since I read Bakunin in high school. Since I bought the first Clash album and loved it without even knowing it was punk. Since I got frisked for walking down the street. Best goddamn hardcore band I've ever heard. 010507
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