psyki words fly or float strangely
unless the gravity might win
life is green a slave
buttermilk and cake for three
an igloo palace for parrot queens
before summer or after dreaming
five iguanas in pajamas
smiling of teeth and raisin pizza
to laugh is too simple
never again breathing her whiskers
torn into angel carpet shreds
where the package forgets
like fragile memories stirred
in lime grease or tea
birdmad perhaps each of us is our own experiment

if it be so
i'm not too sure i like the results i'm getting from the current trials

the subject grows increasingly more stable, soplid and impenetrable on the surface, but the core remains dangerously volatile and when under pressure occasionally erupts.

thankfully the damage thus far has been minimal

but sadly i lack the means to change the protocols
bencvt Lab coats and test animals screeching, rattling cages and hurling feces while being administered mild electric shocks and carcinogenic candy treats. Ammonia and needles, the Hand of Science. 021015
>o.O< closet ballerina "Everything experimental,
until death is upon us
in our face mortality..."

Red hot chili peppers know best.
hatameiwaku v Notes
ÿ Vampyr (1932)
v Film Experiments_______________mainstream industry
ÿ Films produced outside of commercial circles
ÿ Short; non-narrative films; funded by art patrons
ÿ Made by international artists; and narrative avant-garde filmmakers.
ÿ Creation of analternative cinema network
v TheAlternative Cinema Network.”
ÿ Film journals, cine clubs, exhibitions, specialized theatres orart cinemas.”
ÿ Film journals: Louis Delluc’s “Le film.”
ÿ Cine-clubs: Ricciotto Conudo- “club desamis du septieme art” (“club of friends of the seventh art”) or CASA (1921).
ÿ Specialized Theatres: “Theater Du Vieux- Colambier.” Jean Tedesco’s “Studio des Ursulines”: and “Oeil de Paris.”
ÿ Archives: National film archive. Museum of modern art. And theCinema the que francaise”
v Experimental cinema
ÿ Experimental= primarily “non-narrative.” Movement.
ÿ Avant-garde artists: US photog Manray; Paul Strand; Swedish artist Viking Eggeling; German abstract painters Hans Richter & Walter Ruttman; French cubist painter Fernand Léger; French Dada artist Marcel Duchamp; Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Rene Clair.
ÿ Narrative and non- narrative filmmakers: Henri Chomette. Germaine Dulac, Jean Vigo.
blown cherry Well that's one way to describe last night. 050129
bricks I'm so bored with guitars. They absolutely dominate modern popular music, and they're sound just does nothing for me really, unless in an exceptionally good melody, inwhich any instrument would work really. Give me experimental electronica, IDM, breakcore, Aphex Twin, Otto Von Schirach, Venetian Snares, a lot of variety in tones and sounds, scratches, booms, blips, bends, smacks, crackles, gongs, soft, loud, slow, fast. Keeps it interesting. 060312
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