jennifer I am the ruler of all 991225
deb beautiful men... did we see one tonight i wonder?

we never did figure out what that was sitting at the bar......
jennifer survey says man

and, no, we didn't see one... please... we were at dennys
andrea i have some friends at school who are total queens and i love them for that

sometimes when they flame, i complain about the heat and they just call me a bitch and hug me

i like that

copyright 1999
Katie Rose there are times when I feel like a queen, and I could do anything at all..
and there are also times when I feel as small and welcome as a germ. Roller coaster emotions suck..but I guess we all live for those highs that do make us feel as though we are on top of the world.
phil I hate queens. 040123
jane as in drag or as in the place in new_york? 040217
phil in my hand 040308
pete a pretentious school huddled in kingston on the coast of lake ontario. some good friends go there.

all royalty fall into toxic murals sooner or later. preferably sooner.
what's it to you?
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