monadh when I was just
a wee gal
I used to turn the words
around in my mouth
try to say it
as many times as I could
before falling into saying You Nork

I still do that sometimes
it is fun to play with words
mikey that is so cute!

my sister used to say "nakkin" instead of "napkin"
florescent light in my blood 010314
twiggie where i'm hopefully going to be staying this summer with my aunt in her studio.
i love new york.
mikey one of the few places i havent been 010314
lost where i thought my future life might spring forward. But as cruel life changes so often turns out my girlfriend broke up with me so now I wont be living in new york at all. What is wrong with chicks? I really loved her and thought that possibly she felt the same:( well i guess i am destined to be lonely in California. California is the best though. 010314
mikey CA is the best i agree to. ive been all around the USA. and i think unless youve been to a state you cant judge it. i love anywhere else ive lived and could live there again though. 010314
twiggie broadway used to be something i wanted to strive for,
but i knew that unless i was as good as her i'd have no chance.
a dancer since she was 2, bringing her homework in the studio every day and working in between classes she not only took but also taught. she'd been in a broadway play before, she'd have a small role in the stepmom, she met famous people.
someday she will be famous herself, and i'll smile for her. she's worked for it her whole life, and that kind of talent can't be put to waste.
Bono in New York In New York, summers get hot
Well into the hundreds
You can't walk around the block
Without a change of clothing
Hot as a hair-dryer in your face
Hot as a handbag and a can of mace
New York
freeinwy is where i get away from when the hair dryer heat blows in my face and go to Casper Wy. to leave behind the fast pace of the city, and have the wind of Wyoming make it hard to stand. 010820
l_o_s_t my girlfriend is in new york. she's with her parents right now. they live in Canandaigua new york. 010820
daxle I've got hotel reservations for this place in manhattan. I'm so excited I could puke. 010820
ClairE I love it with all my soul.

Upstate they have cows, you know, and the flora is the same all the way into Maryland, or maybe Delaware.

The city is something else, something alive, as cities tend to achieve.
and indescribable unless you've been there.

It's in my blood.
(I'd almost die for it.)
frankie i wanna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep 020209
indust I stood there. 020309
indust i stood there.
i saw our car below
the wonders of the city, a huge metropolis of light
a helicopter below us, over the bay
the other tower
the other buildings aircraft in flight
the world seemed to be an infinite night runway

one year
through collapse
i float above in music dreams
as it falls below
i can never realize
and don't think i can
that i stood there, upon the spire tomb
i stood there.
blueberry I livest in the midst. 020405
god what's it really like? 020405
alora [[ Miscellaneous notes to self for later extrapolation: ]]

Andy plays his guitar in the hotel room until one;

chicken in Bolivia/fish in Italy; Foo-Foo likes dolls; remnants of punkishness (and Steve) all over her apartment (leopard-skin army boots on porcelain angels?); dad threw her out of a pub in London

Grandpa wouldn't eat; Joe with one leg; the hospital...

the mink had holes; glad to see Garth again!; Andy_Chee-pee's; the galleries that *weren't* closed; video art coming to school, she says?; the elevator named Curtis; tremendous fighting horses made of red iron; the bistro walls are plastered with photographs; man on the scooter shouting "Robots!"; Chinatown; he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me down to see the Christmas tree!; Joe in the car, quietly; all of us at the table, like movie stars; the house!: he was like a gay man's Martha_Stewart; olives of all types; Andy didn't say a word; and Kelly keeps opera singers, for real;

spackling the walls; picking all of the nails off of Creepy Pete's floor; pepper spray; "what are you, a calfone?!"; back at Diane and Vito's house; Vito tells us about life: The John_Stamos Project; the horrid, obnoxious girlfriend (who took the last canoli!); the stained glass lamp he carried on the subway; "You are *not* sleeping with the bums, dear."

the same old argument; shabu shabu, zuzu (swish, swish--sizzle, sizzle); karaoke in the cloud room; Marvin_Gaye in Japanese, Andy's "Mm Mm" and Axl_Rose, the drunks sing Devo, "meow meow", Banana Woman; the walk home; thoughts...

we painted all of the rooms downstairs a different shade of white; "yer goolie's on crack, lady."; Cassandra

sleep; SNOW !; sad; I went down to the basement when they set off the fireworks

ballroom dancing; the subway roared like an animal through the tunnel; the comic shop; Japanese lunch, Japanese language, Japanese everything; the weird cafe with the religious windows and the smelly French waiter; Kim's_Video, Zardoz; we watched old MTV music videos from the 80s; "Wings_of_Desire", in German (everyone must see...also, Nick_Cave and the Bad Seeds as themselves!!; noticed Tuxedomoon in credits!!)

SuicidalAngel I'm moving there in about a month from MN. Anyone live near there? 021008
trixie new york damn near killed me, i swear i loved it before i got there. oh my god, it was terrible, i thought i would slump over and die on the subway and then be swept up with the cigarette butts and dirty water. i would look at the nice, decent sized apartments and want to send them an ESP message to take me in because i was going to die. and now that i'm back in California I still feel like I'm going to kill over at any second and be overlooked at the morgue. and look at me, i'm fucking moving back there on the slight hope that my health will recover and I'll somehow be a happy, perky person again. I could feel so alone in a city of 8 million people...sad man. pray for me and send money. 030507
jane well, i looked at where_are_you_from and all those, even your_town but i didn't feel like piecing together who was in ny. so, if you are, email me please at we could meet since i'll be there at the end of this year 030519
stork daddy was where she lived.
it made her safe,
the civil wars on the far side of the world are safe,
to read about, to discuss.
but there's still tension.
she knew the games she played,
but still couldn't always relinquish
her role as the victim.
and he never forced her to,
because then he'd have to relinquish
his role as the redeemer.
she didn't need protection though,
she survived always in her own way,
the way people do when they were burned early enough to adapt.
and she became increasingly wise.
whenever a sweet slow song,
a song that touched his heart,
but whose own heart seemed out of reach,
came on he thought of her,
not of his wife or children,
but of her.
she was the road we let blues guitars travel for us.
and she always was beautiful,
made the interesting choices,
or surrounded herself with people
who would for her.
and she gave away a certain amount
of tact that others usually hold on to.
the ability to suppress a frown
at the cost of a smile.
he was afraid often during days of monotonous work,
of going mad,
and he knew where he would go.
he was confident he knew,
the way a person can get drunk around
certain people in their lives
because they know what they really want to say to them.
he would wander off,
walking, or driving, or crawling there,
burning fuel like a kamikaze,
imagining that in one embrace,
there is all of the rapture
and death of the sky, the sea, of history.
she would say that wasn't at all what she had meant.
and he would falter,
a song that couldn't sustain.
from now on used to say "that's where i'd go" 041029
4 hours ago 7242005: Beer_Threat 050724
over New York's major train station evacuated

bomb (IED) alarm
7242005 050724
in 1012005 39 minutes ago: 21 Die in Sinking of Tourist Boat
Adirondacks - New York lake
nom we read
on the menu

"do you know where new york is?"
coolsoundingme "where're y'all from?"
i looked around to see if i had suddenly multiplied or if someone unknown had walked up behind me. turns out i was still standing alone. the thought of correcting the poor usage of a grammatically horrible term crossed my mind.
"i'm from new york."
"oh yeah? i've been there a few times. do you know jimmy...uh, tall guy, short brown hair?" for starters, she thought i was from new york city. which is NOT new york. it's completely separate. i considered just saying yes and playing along.
"i'm not from new york city."
"but you're from new york?"
"but you're not from new york city?"
"no." this could go on for hours and i really didn't have the engery.
"i live in western new york. 6 1/2 hours from new york city." and i hate that city. i lived there for three years and now i understand that it is the biggest shithole in america. if we could just band together and kick every resident out of that city and off long island and off their high fucking horse, the world would be a better place. westercester should just be razed to the the ground. there's no saving it.
i'm from the city that invented photography and photocopying. from the home of fredrick douglas. the home of one of the best tech schools in the nation. but that's okay. i don't expect brunswick, georgia to be known to the world. i just don't expect you to think i'm from that waste of life in the same way i don't expect you to be from atlanta when you claim roots in said state.
"but you're from new york?"
"but you're not from new york city?"

"but you're from new york."
no reason i have the option of going there this weekend and am debating 110606
() (the landscape of my childhood, teen years up through my twenties. my mother and sister both still live there. i still work there. it is and always be, home) 110606
hsg if warmer i might live there 110607
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