me? She was opening up an elevator
On a rainy day
Sitting on a little stool
And looking far away

I asked if she would take me
To another floor
She laughed and said she probably would
And then she closed the door
ikon so, we're in the elevator with a bunch of people, going up, and it stops at a floor to let someone off. waiting by the door on the other side is a blind girl. She says, "is this going down?" and we all say no. the door shuts. later, he tells me it would have been funny if we'd have said "yes" and then when the elevator stopped next, told her it was her floor.
c'mon, i know you don't want to, but you can't help but laugh.
lokkust Don't go into the elevator I tell myself 000215
Spete "Hello, Elevator." 000414
lalalander elevator music softly humming as you think about where you're going or where you've just been. the music seems to peaceful to be real. nothing is that peaceful. now you've begun to doubt realities as simple as elevator music. what is real then? 010608
marjorie Even after I get off of elevators
I still feel like I'm moving.
Up and down and up and down
with every little step.
It's very strange.
I kind of enjoy it though.
Kate 1,2,3,4 take the elevator at the Hotel Yorba, I'll be glad to see you later. All they've got inside is vacancy.

The White Stripes

I mouthed to you, just the faintest breathing of the words, across the crowded glass elevator. Austin looked at me, puzzled, and asked if I was mouthing to him. No, I was saying that to Tracee. You two wouldn't understand at that time. Now he does. I'm glad that he at least appreciates it.
You bastard.
sylvia plath i slid into the self-service elevator and pushed the button for my floor. the doors folded shut like a noiseless accordion. then my ears went funny, and i noticed a big, smudgy-eyed chinese woman staring idiotically into my face. it was only me, of course. i was appalled to see how wrinkled and used up i looked. 020903
curious george III sylvia...i've always wanted to know...what was it you said about your children...what were in those books ted burned? it doesn't matter now half as much to them as it does to us, which perhaps is what you believed then, so please speak. 020903
blown cherry The doors slide closed and all of a sudden, for a few brief moments, this little box, and you and I are all that there is to the world.

Always makes me want to jump you.
jonh closed off confined space. awkward. anxiety. never fast enough. 030128
Random.dll In case of emergency, Use Stairs 040706
Leland i always wanted to have a quickie in an elevator 040706
mysterious hehe, I wonder what it would feel like to have a quickie in an elevator... 040706
damn Once I heard some comedy thing, with an "interview" with some people (prone to censorship) who owned a video rental place - asking them if they sold porn - they said yeah, but they censor it - you just see people getting on pool tables, getting off, getting into elevators, getting out
(so that was told badly)
Now, the question is, why was that the first thing that came to mind when I heard the word elevator?
Piano er, no, don't try to be french it doesn't work!

Paris is in FRANCE not in ENGLAND !

why does everyone get so confused where the English language comes from? why does everyone want to to to adapt it ?

hey i tell you what, we don't need the n in Auturm do we?

huh huh? - NO
let the English change it not the Americans.

go make a triangle piano then, 3 keyboards, that would be GRAND, i'll just sit in the middle.
hee hee.

you're all so keen to either own one, be one or name one... you pianomans
what's it to you?
who go