vega "And what fictional character do you feel that you resemble the most ?"
silentbob hahaha
who said that??
birdmad my favourite interview quotation is Noel Gallagher in a debate with some English clergymen who were responding to his remark that where Lennon had proclaimed the Beatles to be bigger than Jesus Christ, he had proclaimed that Oasis was bigger than God...after much browbeating from the clerics and much posturing from the Gallagher brothers, Noel conceded the following:

"I may not be god, but, fuck me, I'm close."
Glory Box "So, what do you do for fun?"

"Oh, well, you know, this and that."

An interview is the first step towards becoming a relationship. Be more forthcoming next time.
god oasis? they're better than stryper. 001118
dB Ha! Stryper! Now that shit is just funny.

Int: "So, god, in the beginning you created the heaven and the earth, yes?

God: "That is so"

Int: "And you created everything else at around the same time then, y' know, people an so on?"

God: "Yes."

Int: "So all things were created at the same time? Plus or minus a week or so of course."

God: "Yes"

Int: "Then why is it that the earth is about 400 million years older than any organic life on it's surface?"

God: "errrrmmmhh..."

Int: "Yes?"

God: "Well... it's like... um..."

Int: "Are you saying you don't know?"

God: "No, but y' see, it's kinda... uh.."

This is god when you ask him anything. *starts rambling a little* Only humans have souls. Bullshit. If humans then all sentient life and it has been proven that many species are sentient... useless, crap god.

*Much Peace*
god it was taken out of context 010605
dB context is in the eye of the beholder. 010605
god exactly. 010620
ruecksprung my advice after a fucked-up job interview: treat yourself to a venti caramel macchiato at starbucks, and afterwards go to the movies... alternatively, if you are a girl and want to spend some more money, you could also go shoe-shopping... 031008
whitneypitneybowes i have an interview today and all i want to do is go in there and get em. (tiger). 060913
flowerock My anxiety and insecurity fade and I grow more confident with every minute that my interviewer is late... sitting here waiting, is she even here? She canceled yesterday and rescheduled for today... the man at the counter doesn't know where she is. He has long hair and a nose piercing, my dreads feel more safe seeing that and the girl in the back with crazy boots, dress code seems to be laid back. I like the way this place looks, dark wood floors and tables, and cieiling, black metal. Telephone or pier poles hold up the ceiling and the windows are huge over looking the bay. Succulents chill amidst the coffee drinkers and waffle eaters. I might like to work here, or at least get coffee here. 150722
flowerock She was 20 minutes late and seemed terrofied. She kept saying "you don't look scared at all" as she told me about the place and showed me the kitchen and staff. The guy who interviewed me was confident and laid back, the other girl seemed shy and nervous. Maybe they all drink too much coffee.

I accepted the job, I might love it or I might find something better soon. This place starts at minimum wage but is in a great location for me. We'll see.
flowerock. I hate interviews. I especially hate interviews at fancy places. I'm looking for work in such a place because the pay is typically good and that what I'm going for... money... I feel awkward and innapropriate these places, trying to look nice in a way that matches their guests... I'm just not that fancy... I hope I can play the parthough. I find it easy once I'm in to flow well with coworkers and customers... but that initial "please hire me even though I don't want to be here!" Phase is tough. Right now I need to make money, someday I will make it in more fun ways... now time takes precedence. 160827
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