the two it is not so much
where you live
but how you live
since not living
is a much greater crime agianst humanity
than not living
in the proper place
and proper time
but in the proper way
it doesn't matter
phil today 020729
skinny snow far away cools my fever 040602
Mr. C A non-local interaction links up one location with another without crossing space, without decay, and without delay. Simply put, a non-local interaction is unmediated, unmitigated, and immediate. 061128
Miss W. In another unusual development, Mr_C now lives, in N8, at the very location of the interdimensional rift. 061128
Ouroboros pai, northern thailand, 3:23 pm, warm winds, guest house, on the river, bjork Post playing, borrowed laptop, banana/pinapple smoothie, white flowers in a black vase, "i swallow little glowingl ights", rainbow hammocks, people spinning poi across the field, sunshine, bamboo outdoor veranda structure, unripe bananas, sleepy, nylon white pants, prana tanktop, pink sunglasses, calm, happy, fake black crocs, breeze on my skin, hair in ponytail, construction sounds, empty coke bottle, time moving slowly 061129
Ouroboros Bryn Mawr, PA. Large house made in the 1970's. Upstairs bedroom. Everyone is asleep downstairs. All lights are off except the one over my bed. Feet in sleeping bag (the one D 5-fingered for me in Flagstaff.) Shiva prayer cloth, black, hanging on the wall to the left of my head. Pink cupcake shirt on. Almost midnight. Too tired to do anything more productive, too wired to sleep. Nose running. Glasses on. Faint sounds of cars driving by. Teeth hurting (?) Tea bag empty in yellow mug. Mysterious rash on leg dissipated. Sleep on the horizon. 071113
Dubious Proverbs Make like a tree and grow up in a forest. 081119
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