oren Root word of "bamboozled." 060314
Ishutan These crooked shoots are what tangles our "we" together. Makes us proud to be whatever form of existence we are.
These strangled thoughts come through resistance so magnificently that sweet serene cries for help are drowned in the deeper things of life.
Mourn not the edifice of resistance, strangely waning bats are crossing our night sky, flitting about like a sunken star, hiding all the greater things of life in their small leather.
Pouching about all wants in a sullen form of testimony, momentary wants and lusts are something so much more than dust.
Home is where the heart cries freedom.
The grand technological dings of civilization serve as sentence warning for the criminals that thrive 'for morning. Street lights make no sound until your ears is pressed against them, just as the changing of seasons brings no noise until you press your self upon them. Like a sex-addicted master slave.
These dirtier things of life mean only that there is an ugliness about the world... how could appreciation be shown without a negative to be repulsed of.
And thus said David, the golden child of rebellion, "How am I to change if all you'll do is make me mimic you?"
z bamboo clothing.

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