jennifer you are upstairs
soon to be one of
"the boys upstairs"
as I listen to swimmer
and feel like crying
you are still upstairs
I even wore your shirt tonight
perhaps I thought things would
turn out like I wrote
but they didn't
and you will leave like planned
and I will be alone
alone is why I didn't want to make my_promise
moonshine Heavens Door.
Hells Hallway..
Inspirations alley...
black-dyed gel product I have New Jack City on upstairs in my room. That's one crazy film. 010613
yummyC my room is the entire upstairs...its pretty big...
i should go up there and sleep (like i had planned on doing 5 hours ago--before i caught sight of the computer and sat down and became a blather/ebay zombie).
User24 yummyC - leave your damn email addy!! 010709
yummyC Im always too lazy to type it.
User24 why thankyou. 010809
Die Simcoein Never upstairs, underneath instead; hidden beneath the I-beams, past the dripping wastewater, not a closet, something better.

Right angle, halve it, hide from the diners; clutch tightly a video or a bottle of wine, jangling keys a dead giveaway.

Dead, given away.

You'll never know what you'll find in the lazy OCD playroom of the one who must be watched.
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