cheer-up-emo-kid I feel like one. Ive cried my eyes out and I havent got any tears left to cry.
I havent been sleeping so I feel like Im half sleepwalking through the day.
I havent smiled since I saw you last.
and its been a while.
a long while.
and I need you.
Steals the sky When the zombies rise, I'll be ready. I've got a machete and a sledgehammer and I'm ready to kick ass. 020702
myplasticmind Nothing. emotionless, dead, unconcious. Walking around with no life left inside to spill, no blood left to bleed. you are dead...and thats all.

I don't want to be anymore...
rhoda_mortedArtestern karen carpenter zombies

mary tyler moore gholas

animatronic marlo thomases

my army is nearly complete
a> ah, cranberries pulsing through my head

what's in your head

slips away
ani difranco like those zombies in vegas
pushing quarters into a slot
jane lucio_fulci 050708
L. scares the bejesus outta me, but i will be ready with my cricket bat. oh yes. 070517
jane removing the head
destroying the brain
anythingbutcryptic chris garneau wrote a song called love zombies. this feburary 14th im going to be lonely.

if i really wanted to i could try to convince the, the, 3, 4, 5...? guys on my msn list whom i met on chat who live near me to be my boyfriend. or have sex with me. or both.

or even just a guy that i really know but theyre just friends and im content with that.

or become a lesbian. but its not like that, is it?

or become asexual. but im not like that, am i?

600 contacts...?

im still lonely.

sometimes only one conversation at once. i used to do alot. i stopped. i wrote about it alot. scraps of paper, microsoft word. my documents. pieces. mind. in, in , and on . and on. diary. notebook. casual conversation. fleeting thought. repetition.
and again.
and again.
i cannot stop.

i still havent find anyone who ive felt was even remotely The One. or A One. so where the fuck is he?


are we zombies? i got distracted on msn and did not read the information on the website properly. it sounded lovely-insane too me.
reanimated bird Braaaaaaains! 080208
misfit zombie bird ( braineaters ) 080208
what's it to you?
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